PSA: Be professional and selective when replying!

Guidelines for replying to posts in this category:

  • Please do not reply to the topics in this category unless you are interested in the offer or portfolio.

  • Show respect and professional attitude to offers and recruiters.

  • Assume good faith. Do not ridicule, insult, witch-hunt or overwhelm. Be professional.

  • Bring legal concerns and disputes up through private forum messages with the poster.

These kind of responses are okay:

  • Discussing prices or other job/offer criteria:
    • Provided no one else has already done so – do not overwhelm the poster, use Likes to prevent duplicate responses.
    • Do not tenaciously go over every collaboration topic to scan for prices that are awry. Only comment on the offers you actually care about and provide clear explanations when you do.
    • Don’t be rude. You can tell someone a price isn’t right politely, without ridicule. Rude behavior seems to be a common occurrence in these subcategories as of late, and that will no longer be tolerated.

  • Needing more details on offers and asking for them.

  • Putting constructive (whether positive or negative) feedback on portfolios / asset marketplace topics about the services delivered to you.

These kinds of behavior must be avoided:

  • Do not call someone out for breaking TOS / forum rules / infringing on rights of others:
    • You should never derail a topic with presumptions of legal issues with the content presented. If you are not one of the legally involved parties – leave it be.
    • If you think there is a legal issue with the content presented and you are legally involved, contact forum staff to handle the matter appropriately or privately message the poster.
    • Free Models are public domain, meaning if you put something on Free Models, other people are allowed to use them in their work fully, without any attribution needed. Do not call people out for using free models, period. You should not put your assets in free models if you do not want them to be used by others without restrictions. (If you think one of your assets was put on free models illegitimately, use report abuse, and if an illegitimate free model is used somewhere on this forum, reach out to the poster / to staff about it privately.)

  • Do not bring up development disputes involving the post creator and do not post deconstructive feedback about services offered to you:
    • Solve it in private with the poster.
    • Inform forum staff if you think the dispute breaks community guidelines or forum rules.

  • Do not bandwagon or overwhelm the topic:
    • If a concern has already been brought up by another poster, leave a Like on that response. Do not reiterate the same points over and over. This is incredibly obnoxious and does not help anyone.
    • We do not condone witch-hunting or other toxic behavior.

  • Do not just post to tell someone you think their assets lack quality or effort:
    • This category is not for discussions or development feedback. If you think an asset is too low quality w.r.t. the price, keep it to yourself unless you are actually interested in following up on the offer.
    • If you are not intending to buy or follow up on the offer, refrain from making remarks about the quality or the skill level of the creator. Constructive criticism when asked for is fine, but unsolicited criticism will not be tolerated as they unnecessarily derail the topic.

Please respect posters and keep your attitude professional when using this category.

Do not leave a reply if you have no good reason to post. You only have a good reason to post when you are interested in the asset/service/job offer. Not interested? Don’t post.