Is a site to translate between different virtual currencies against the Terms of Use?

Hey ROBLOX community,

I am writing to discuss surrounding a project.

I have thought of the idea of having a site that is able to translate a virtual currency (which is also popularly known as Points) into different virtual currencies. For instance, points for Roblox gift cards - which is available for conversion on Roblox.

I’m providing you with this post in order to know if this would be allowed by the live Roblox Terms of Use. A site used to complete offers depending on your age, we will never permit any <13 to complete a survey, as it grabs your data and they might not notice that. Alternatively, they are available to take part in online arcade games, spend time on the website, or even download games.

I’m hoping to get a response back.

Yours sincerely,

No, this is basically what some of those “scam” websites do. I remember seeing a video someone embedded on the DevForum about something like this…

EDIT: Couldn’t find it but did find this:

I don’t intend for it to be a scam, I’ll have no groups whatsoever handling out robux - just gift cards. I also don’t intend to have the website run of scammy offerwalls - mainly funded by ads, and a limited amount of offers.

As @cristiano100 said: “This is against the Roblox TOS, and I’d highly advice you don’t do this.”

It’s against the Terms Of Use with groups, and they are not associated with my project in any way whatsoever.

Well, maybe if it is the form of a gift card… but I’d contact Roblox Support to ask honestly.

I did try to get in touch with Roblox’s support team, and they were completely useless. I never received a straight answer from them. It’s the reason I came to the DevForum - I thought the community would be more helpful in someway.

Well, you could try to DM someone that works at Roblox here on the DevForum, but I don’t know, this is kind of tricky…

No wait, read the OP of the link I sent:

“Hello everyone I have a genuine question. I’ve always wondered if doing surveys for robux is actually a bad thing. There are websites on the internet that give you free robux for just doing a survey but I do not know if its bad, Roblox says its against ToS to giveaway robux. would surveys for free robux be against ToS?”

Highlighted for clarity. Note, OP doesn’t say anything about groups.

The top answer also states the following:

“This is against the Roblox TOS, and I’d highly advise you don’t do this.
Every one of the groups handing out the robux gets banned sooner or later.”

Which seems like they are targeting groups as a form of payouts - another answer states the following:

“This is against the TOS, there is a chance of you getting banned, and the website that offers ‘free robux’ will sell your information (that you put in the survey) to third party companies. Shady.”

Which I will never obtain, all actions logged by the website from the user is taken with the user’s full consent. As I mentioned in my original post:

You are ignoring the fact that they are all saying it’s against TOS. The giving away robux part is, not selling the data.

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No this isn’t allowed. There are issues such as conversion faults, and it genuinely doesn’t comply with the Roblox’s TOS. Sites like this most certainly sell your information to 3rd parties, and unless there’s an agreement with Roblox and the site, then you should probably best stay away.

Most of them are scams, and I genuinely don’t understand how you’re going to hand the user roblox gift cards depending on the virtual currency. It just doesn’t make any sense.

It isn’t safe. I wouldn’t do it.

Though on the other hand. I have to question multiple apps that allow this. There are verified places where you can get gift cards. I don’t think through the means of a site that isn’t verified or allowed is.

Edit: Keep in mind, you have to either pay for the giftcards yourself or rely on other sources.

I never intended to use offerwalls and surveys. It grabs all your inputs and sells it to 3rd party companies as mentioned above - although I did mention it in my original post, it originally intended to be extra tasks to complete if wanted. I was mainly deciding on having a minimum amount of 3rd parties related to the website. The website would depend on ad revenue. All issues will be actively resolved and all conversions are automatically monitored - I am aware of actively stocking the website.

Roblox doesn’t care about discussing this project.

There is an answer here similar to what you’re providing at the moment. In the following post, you can see a couple of answers that state the following:

“As stated above, if this is isolated to be outside of the Roblox platform and you use a gift card, it is fine. Gift card giveaways are perfectly fine because that is the point of them: to gift them. Using group funds isn’t allowed and can get your account banned and potentially affect your ability to DevEx. Real money is fine because it isn’t tied to Roblox, but a gift card is MUCH simpler and involves sharing no personal information like Venmo information.”

Short answer: Yes.” (as he is allowed to offer gift vouchers/real money in regards to winning a competition)

“Distributing group funds were created to be able to pay developers for services. This includes team development and commissions, as well as advertising and compensation for testing/buying items. The point where it goes from fine to being not allowed is very grey. For example, if you do a video where a few people compete for Robux, is that fine since you are paying for a service (creating video content)? If it isn’t a development expense, you really should use gift cards. If moderation decides to start enforcing the policy at scale, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of this.”

Highlighted for clarity.

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That is why it’s risky.

If you’re grabbing input and selling it to 3rd parties, shouldn’t I be worried about privacy, and information they most certainly have access to?

What does this input even mean? Input on offers, games, ect? Why should 3rd parties even be associated here? Why share the data?

To be blunt here, I feel uneasy about this idea.

I’m not personally selling the data - the offerwalls are. The website is not associated with anything regarding selling your data. When you’re joining an offerwalls - we will warn you that we’re not responsible for whatever is occurring with the surveys and such things. The website will only read data for the user’s safety, and we will take the user’s consent in every action taken regarding the user.

The type of data that might be read by our system is regarding the data inputted in your associated accounts - take anniversaries as an example. We have to make sure that a user is 13+ before allowing them access to an offerwall. We’re most likely to protect your data rather than selling it - we like to keep everything transparent between us at all times.

Tbh, I would much rather purchase a gift card officially, then through some sketchy 3rd party offer walls that put my privacy at the breach. They have all access to my personal information and identity.

You do you. I don’t know if it’s allowed or not. Just make sure you clearly state everything that should be stated in the site’s privacy policy, and anything else. Try to get 3rd party offers from reputable companies, and prioritize the safety of your customers.

But I dunno.