Is being a famous developer an instant ticket for top contributor?

I have seen famous developers of Roblox that got featured on Bloxys on this forum, but they shared something in common - they ALWAYS had the Top Contributor badge. Examples are Berezaa or Cindering.
What’s weird that I don’t see them as active on the forum as other Top Contributors, and that makes me wonder if being a very famous dev is an instant pass for top contributor, regardless of your contributions to the forum.


Top Contributor = a person who makes something for the community. Andrew released many open-sourced games and many modules.

Famous has nothing to do here. Making dozens of posts on Forum doesn’t help you either. You have to make Modules and other stuff to help the community.


So Top Contributor is a rank only for people that know how to script?

There’s never really been a checklist for TC as far as I know. It’s kind of a “hey you seem helpful on the forums” or something along those lines and then people are added.


Well considering I only worked for popular Roblox games that are based off already existing series, I doubt it’s as easy.

Not necessarily. You can open-source builds, you can open-source UI kit, you can open-source animations.

You can open-source anything. You just need to contribute.

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I contributed to many popular games to an extent and am fairly recognizable in the community and I’m not a top contributor. Guess this gives you the answer to your question.


Oh no.


Just some popular developers that are very respected off the top my head, they are not top contributors yet are in a popular team or is a solo developer with a popular game or whatever.


Its all based off of contributions to the community in games or models, not having 3k forum posts.

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No, I mean those people that made millions of dollars on devex and created games that have 10k concurrent players, in the way that they even became featured by Roblox itself.

I mean if you really want to argue that ThEy HaVe DeEp PoCkEtS well let me tell you something, I also have deep pockets because I worked with popular games. I work with Work at a Pizza Place, Restaurant Tycoon and many other front page games that have been highlighted by Roblox not to mention that they also follow me on Twitter…


Top Contributors: They are users/developers who have contributed and created valuable topics and replies that consist of helping out other developers and open-sourcing things that will help out a lot of developers.

Most of these contributors have been past contributors or present contributors who helped out users in categories like #resources:community-tutorials, #resources:community-resources, and #help-and-feedback:scripting-support.

You can read/re-read the badge or ask other Top Contributors on some goals on how they became a Top Contributor:


Popularity and fame doesn’t award you the badge automatically, it is about the contributation you bring to the table to help out developers with tutorials, resources and having high like-post ratio!


It’s also a little bit about attitude and how you behave yourself online towards peers. In the community we look up to people who are respectful to others and share their knowledge to help others grow as developers. If you’re clearly portraying yourself as a disrespectful person that doesn’t always act in good faith towards others (let’s say, for example, a person displays poor behavior during e.g. game jam 2020 towards team members, or another person frequently inappropriately puts down (groups of) peers on forum feedback topics :upside_down_face:), you’re obviously not suitable for Top Contributor because that’s not a good example for the community.


I feel like this is discouraging users from presenting current issues on the forum and a somewhat infringement on our freedom of speech given that part of that includes not facing penalty for expressing our opinions.

Top contributor should be based entirely on someone contributions to the forum wether that’s regularly receiving high solution rates or open sourcing high quality resources.


Emphasis on “inappropriate”, please read carefully

EDIT: I wish I had as much time as some other forum users have available for discussion on word choice pedantics but I’m not going to write a novel explaining every word in my reply, sorry.


Would you be able to more clearly define what you mean by ‘inappropriate’ since I feel this could be interpreted very differently from someone defending the party to someone arguing against them

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So you are saying that with a large number of forum warnings, I can never get to TC?

@Ondrashek06 If you do not have a good moderation standing on the forums, the likelihood of you getting Top Contributor drops. Depending on how DevRel decides, that may result in it not occurring entirely.

Badge of honor that is semi-automatically awarded by forum leadership to awesome community contributors, past and present. Every few months, this title is given to people that have a combination of all of these: high likes received to post ratios, high topics read/entered counts, a good forum standing in terms of moderation, and consistent forum activity.

I think it’s a pretty clear answer.

For me as someone who was a Top Contributor, it is important you are not a shitty person. To quote the official promotion guide

You can level up to Top Contributor by being active and making frequent, positive contributions to discussions. This level is meant for the best contributors in our community, to acknowledge and reward their dedication to high-quality discussion.

If you are an active forum user, making frequent and positive contributions you could be invited to be a Top Contributor. Those users are meant to be examples of great contributors to the DevForums.

The exacts are not known as per everything to prevent people gaming the system (as it should be).

I don’t believe that there is enough evidence to support being “famous” == top contributor.

If you think getting the badge will suddenly make your opinion more right or you’re more special, you’re going to be a mistaken. It is simply a badge and an icon, you are not inherently special in that regard.

For someone in the position I’m in, eg Community Editor and nearly got all the badges. It’s not worth what you think it to be. Be decent and avoid being a meta knight.


I think he meant that something like “stfu ur words r bullshit lol xd” is considered very inappropriate not only because it’s swearing at others, but also because of the shut someone’s opinion down nature with no valid arguments.

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That’s a bit of a stretch. It really is word choice pedantics and figuring out what is and isn’t appropriate for the forum just requires a sprinkle of common sense and use of existing guiding resources. The short of it is: don’t act in bad faith to other users and uphold integrity on the forum. It’s not too hard to tell when someone is acting inappropriate, the signs will speak for themselves. If one person doesn’t catch it, someone else will.