Is blood allowed in games if it has a toggle feature?

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Am I allowed blood in my game if the player is able to choose whether they want it on or off?


Yes! It’s allowed. Games like Phantom Forces have been doing it for a long time now. Make sure to not make the game too gory, though.


You can have blood in your game as long as it’s not literal gore or insanely-detailed blood. In Phantom Forces, their “blood” is just cylinder-shaped, solid-red parts. Other games also do this but obviously in their own way; it just has to be very cartoony.

Here is an example of the blood that Phantom Forces has in-game:

I do also think that it is a good idea to be able to disable/enable blood particles, though.


However, including any blood/gore in your game means it will not be eligible to be in the featured sort.

Here’s a link to the featured game guidelines if you’d like to read them:


So, to clarify, not even cartoony blood pools would be acceptable for a game to be featured?

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As others have mentioned before, yes it is allowed.

You do have to consider something though;

  • If you want to have your game available on Xbox devices, you cannot have blood in your game. You will have to agree with some stuff, by clicking the check mark if you will try activating it.

Based on what the guidelines say, you are correct. However, it seems like Roblox sometimes makes some exceptions to these guidelines. For example, Vesteria was once in the featured sort even though it is paid access. Just to be safe though, I would follow these guidelines completely if you want your game to get featured.

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Hello, I have an question, games like Russian Roullete are allowed in roblox? I don’t really know because isn’t at all broking roblox T.O.S.

The game theme In-Game is shoot ur self and the last surviving wons the round.


I would say yeah, however don’t have it over the top and obnoxious to the point when its even something 18+ people get grossed out about.

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Yes, but to a certain degree. Don’t make it too realistic.

Yeah, that’s definitely not allowed here.


Also to OP I’m pretty sure blood, if it is minor, is allowed even without a toggle.

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It is allowed but there is a limit. red circles with an option to disable it is ok, and maybe dismemberment, but im not sure. and what @ValkyrieHuskyy said, don’t put your game on xbox if you want to add the blood but, if you could figure it out you could make blood forcibly disabled on xbox.