Is Devforum always logging you out?

I’m not sure if it’s only me, but devforum keeps logging me out, commonly when I revisit the page after 10 minutes or so, but there are occasions where I open a discussion, I got logged out.

Although relogging in is as simple as clicking the login button once, I still couldn’t get used to it. It’s been happening over a month now.

I use Chrome and I don’t think I have any extensions which affects this, they are all just utility extensions like JSONView and Steam Inventory Helper etc… and none relates to devforum/Roblox.

Thanks in advance for reading

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Are you using a bookmark or typing every time to access the devforum? This might be because it goes directly to and not as stated here.

To solve this you’d change the bookmark to if that’s your issue.

Also as a side note, since this is directly related to the devforum itself, this would go in #inception-forum.

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Thanks, I was using a bookmark which didn’t use HTTPS. I’ve changed it now.

For future reference, anything about the dev forum goes in #inception-forum, which you should move this to.

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My bookmark is already https. Same issue.