Is every online audio banned now?

I’ve been trying to upload sound effects for a while, and every single one gets the
“This audio asset has been blocked due to copyright violations.”

They aren’t copyrighted. I’m getting the sounds from a website which is all about uncopyrighted sound effects, and also YouTube where the description says free to use.

I seriously am unable to upload any sound effects. Any. Do I have to buy fancy recording equipment and record wind myself? Although, I predict that too would be copystriked.

+plus i hope this is the right category


From what ive experienced, even audio that is “not copyrighted” is metatagged with the creator’s information, and when u upload it to roblox it shows their info and not yours, so it thinks it isnt yours and will reject it.

My work around for this is finding another site where the downloads arent tagged.

It is an issue though.

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Oh ok. Do you know of any websites that do that?

I use this one:


You could look for pages that offer royalty sounds without copyright.

I believe that was part of his first issue if im reading correctly… because some audio that claims to be not copyrighted is still attaching creator metadata to the download, and roblox wont allow this.

I found that site, which worked for me… some other sites claiming copyright free audio, was rejected by roblox for me like it was for him.

But by all means, it doesnt need to be royalty free.

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im prettyyy sure you can change the audio metadata in audacity to remove the creator tag if that’s the problem. u just import the track and then export it again, deleting the text from the menu that pops up.


If that works, it would be a very tedious process if he were wanting to upload a bunch of sounds for wind in his case.

Wouldnt it be easy enough just to delete the metadata?

Im not experienced enough in that area to know how…maybe that works?

I just assumed the metadata was the hold up… but admittedly im not experienced enough to find a fix, just that other sites’ audio weren’t moderated the way others were.

I havent tried this with roblox, but to edit mp3 file’s metadata I’ve regularly used Mp3tag…

You said:

so assuming roblox is only copyrighting the audio based off of the creator information in the metadata, using any metadata editor to remove the data should fix the problem. However, If its a really specific production, i.e full songs, well known sound effects (like mario dying/ jumping, etc) roblox probably looks it up in a database.

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Thats interesting i didnt think about the database but that makes a lot of sense and obviously prevents the use of unwanted editing of metadata like you suggested.

So, run all audio through Audacity first, got it