Is it better to do one giant ad run or multiple small ad runs?

As a group owner, I often run sponsorships for my game. Recently when Roblox updated the sponsorships page, they added the feature to run sponsorships over a period of time. This made me think is it better to try to do one big ad run every once in a while or small ad runs over a longer period of time. Which is better in your opinion as I’ve tried both but the results are very similar to each other.


This is something I am really interested in finding out.
But here are my thoughts:

  • If you do not have a lot of robux to spend, then you’re better off posting a lot of money on ads during the days where other devs would not be posting theirs. This allows players to constantly run into your ads over theirs, increasing the people that click.
  • If you are in a season where school is off, there will be a lot of players with free time to play games. In this circumstance, it’s adviseable to advertise everything at once to seize on the opportunity of the more active playerbase. Though, still spread the ads over the holiday season, don’t just advertise on one day as other devs with more money would also be advertising then, and overshadowing your ads.
  • If you have a lot of money, advertising in a series of days for around 1k per day of sponsorship is most advisable. This allows you to have a consistent playerbase. I suggest advertising in alternate weeks since that’s the best for saving money and getting players.
  • If your game is a social game, then you really want the consistent playerbase. You want players to come to your game and always find it packed. So if your game is social, you MUST have the ads running over a couple of days every so often to maintain playercount. Putting all your ads on one day will leave the following days go on a downward spiral.
  • If you aren’t really planning to update your game much, you’re better off having one day of ads and getting it over with. This is cheaper, and after players see your ads so many times, they will stop clicking on them. It’s just like how you see those repetitive ads on Youtube, players will eventually get bored of it and find it annoying.

So overall, it’s usually favourable if you spread out and advertised over a series of days with around 1k robux daily if you can. Spread it over maybe alternating weeks where you advertise daily one week, give the ads a rest, then advertise again with a different ad. As that’s the cheapest and at least for me, seems to be the most optimal. However, if there’s a unique situation such as you don’t have that much robux, if there’s a certain day you want a lot of people on, or if you don’t plan on managing the game anymore after it; then it may be beneficial to only advertise once. It’s not about how much robux you use to advertise, it’s about the quality of the product, the ads, and how smart you are with advertising.


I believe this resource will be of use to you:

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I belive you should run ad campains. Nearly all the companies in the world do this. You have different variations of the ad.
Do not have too many variations. A few will do. However make it so that they fit torgether.

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