Is it ethical (or legal?) to restrict players to a game for external reasons?

Is it against the Terms of Service to restrict players to your game for, e.g., cussing and swearing in a Discord server? Obviously if this happens in game then that makes sense but if it happens externally does that really warrant a ban? The closest I can get in the Community Rules is Section 12. Discrimination.

Some other examples of external restrictions includes:

  • Boycotting another game
  • Abuse of another/partner game
  • Discord server raiding
  • Asset theft

And the like.
Would it be acceptable to restrict for all (or some) of the above conditions?
Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hey there! :slight_smile:

Your Discord servers have your rules. Players must be 13+ of age to have a Discord account, so swearing is generally not an issue you should worry about.

All Roblox games must comply with Roblox rules, which include swearing rules. However, you can ban people from your game for disobeying any in-game or external rule, as it is still your project.


As far as I’m concerned you are able to determine who comes and goes from your game freely as this is a UGC platform where you control IP rights. Unless you are unfairly restricting them because of who they are, their background, or their beliefs, I do not think that constitutes discrimination in ToS Community Rules Section 12. However, I haven’t read the full section and I am not an expert. I doubt anyone would be suing you or complaining to Roblox. There are all sorts of admin tools that ban players permanently using DataStoreService.

As far as ethics are concerned, that is a whole different matter. No idea.

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You have to be very careful about restricting players from features in your game or from the game itself for external reasons. There are different response levels and appropriateness that can be met with each reason, including something that the Terms of Service disallows (discrimination, for example).

A general statement wouldn’t suffice here since, as mentioned earlier, every reason can be taken a different way. With that in mind, it would help to review each reason you might have to restrict a player from your game and make sure it doesn’t break compliance with any standing rules or doesn’t seem morally incorrect to be doing. This heavily based upon your own judgement.

Ultimately, as the game’s creator, you will be in control of moderating content and players on it as well as bearing full responsibility for inappropriate conduct (not following rules) or a mass of players abusing features (if you have a custom painting game and many inappropriate images are generated from it, as the developer, you’re responsible for not protecting against this). Keeping this in mind, you also decide what warrants a ban and moderation will intervene if an issue is raised.

I wouldn’t go so far as to restrict players from playing your game due to swearing in a Discord server. You have utilities to guard against that or alleviate the circumstances in which it happens (e.g. Dyno automatic moderation). At the very least, ban them from the server, sure, but maybe not the whole game itself since they didn’t commit any misdeeds there.

All the options you’ve listed on the thread are valid and are green. A lot of developers do this already (more of the fourth than any of the other three). I’m not saying that just because they do it it’s allowed, rather, showing you that they’re valid considerations. I don’t think anyone would or has a right to get mad at you if you ban someone for acting maliciously in your community.

A related subject, but do be aware of the upcoming PolicyService as well that’ll help to ensure compliance with laws in different regions and with various player configurations. At some point, it will become necessary and not a question of “should I” to restrict player access to features or from launching your game at all in certain regions.

WRT above, You can check out About our upcoming Global Compliance System for more information.

Cheers, happy developing.