Is it ever going to be possible to have Roblox ads with animation?

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to have an animated ad.

I just wondered if this is ever going to be considered for the website? It would probably be a great thing for people learning to make short animated videos.

I’m thinking a 5-10 second clip that loops would be pretty neat and give the site a more ‘active’ feel. Seeing a couple of moving ads on the site per page selected probably wouldn’t take too much work and very little increase in info downloaded to the user on any one page since you only download the ads any time a user selects a different page.


Gosh I hope not. Roblox is the only site I don’t block ads for because I don’t mind the current user ads. Flashy animated ones would just annoy me.


I don’t think I’d like playing 3 animated ads every time I go to another place on roblox. If they click on your normal ad, then they’re interested, so they can see that trailer on your game’s page.

I’m with @Vathriel on this one


It would be a creative new way to advertise, and I think its a nice idea.


I personally don’t like the idea just because of bandwidth. It would put a lot more strain on the web servers as well as clients downloading them from a slow connection like an “EDGE” connection.


I do like the idea of this. You get to quickly see what a game is like. It could be like youtube where you hover your mouse over the video and it plays a short clip of it. Or maybe a separate page entirely thats called “Find New Games” and it has a bunch of ads/animated ads.

But I do agree that having them on the site like normals ads would be annoying


Please no.

Imagine how newly signed up and old users would react to this.

That would be one of the most intrusive things to ever be added to the site.
I can only support video game thumbails on an actual game’s page, but even that can be frustrating to use. Game thumbnails have an auto scroll feature, stopping a video thumbnail halfway
through viewing it.

I wouldn’t expect animated ads to work well if Roblox can’t even get video thumbnails to work unobtrusively.


Ignores all points against it.

Bad idea. They’re annoying for a lot of users and take more bandwidth.

If you’re referring to the web browser, its really not that bad and can beat chrome in some benchmarks.

I went to look up something to post what I meant… and I didn’t realize EDGE connections was supposed to be capitalized (acronym). Here is what I meant by EDGE:


My b then. Had no idea this acronym existed.

It allows for creativity, ads have been animated all over the internet now for over a decade, Roblox should catch up.

Still haven’t argued against points made.
Also just because other websites have animated ads does not mean Roblox should.
Thats going along an appeal to popularity.

  1. Many consumers will find it annoying.
  2. Increased bandwidth, hurts those with slow internet
    3, Increased moderation time.

You didn’t argue against my point, you just said ‘bad idea’.

no, he did, in his words ‘theyre annoying for a lot of users and take more bandwidth’


It was not against my point.
I say it allows for creative ways to market a game.
His point is that it might annoy users, not that it doesn’t allow for creativity.

Edit: I didn’t think my role here was to refute all other views and opinions just because I am on the minority, I just thought I would share my opinion.

I gave 3 points that I think outweighs any ‘creativity’ some ad makers would use it for.

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Roblox is about powering imagination, so its all about creativity.
And the issues that are faced aren’t for us to complain about, but for the teams involved to overcome. If its a worry that it takes too much bandwith, allow players to toggle them on or off?
If it will take moderation teams longer, make the animated ads cost a fair amount, to prevent over saturation of content to look at.
I feel like these are solutions to your issues

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I like this idea. To take it another step forward and solve the bandwidth issue, the rest of the frames should only load from the server when you hover your mouse over it!


At that point, using animated ads will become irrelevant because the majority of the userbase will have them disabled. Nobody cares enough to want to see animated ads.

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Where do you get your information from? Your postulating that nobody cares