Is it not possible to use a table with TargetFilter?


I read up on some other posts about TargetFilter being restricted to just one instance, is it still not possible to create a table or something to contain multiple objects?


Sadly TargetFilter only accepts one instance but this also excludes its descendants.

There are a number of feature request to update how TargetFilter works but it has not been updated.


I needed this again yesterday. Please voice your support for this feature in those threads!


I support this

There generally are workarounds that you can do by parenting the parts to the same model/folder, but often this isn’t possible without rearranging everything completely


Unfortunately because tables don’t work with TargetFilter what I usually do is have a folder in the Workspace that I set as the TargetFilter, and then I put bunch of other folders inside of if for organization, and when I want to add something to the TargetFilter I just add it to one of the folders.


When I ran into this issue I converted to using this rather than Target and TargetFilter:


If you’re looking for a quick solution you could check out my custom mouse object. The target filter supports multiple unrelated objects.