Is It Okay To Sell A Siblings Work Under Their Permission?

I have seen some posts online and have started to wonder if it is okay to sell your siblings work under these following rules:

1.) you get permission from them

2.) you give them as much profit as they want from the sale

3.) it follows the rules on dev forum

I saw one topic on someone selling their little brothers work and was not sure it was ok. Please if you have an opinion or know, put in a post. Thanks for reading! :grin:

Link To Topic: [Selling] My Little Brother Work Little house for 10-20 robux only

You may wish to consider rule 15

Which disallows proxy posting, with the exception of #bulletin-board; specifically 15.3.


Thank you for helping me understand I will let others know about this if I see a topic with selling for someone else. :grin:

Yes, its not allowed, however donโ€™t point this out in the replies, take it to DMs instead.


Ok thank you for the extra information this was very helpful from both of you. :grin: