Is It Okay To Sell A Siblings Work Under Their Permission?

I have seen some posts online and have started to wonder if it is okay to sell your siblings work under these following rules:

1.) you get permission from them

2.) you give them as much profit as they want from the sale

3.) it follows the rules on dev forum

I saw one topic on someone selling their little brothers work and was not sure it was ok. Please if you have an opinion or know, put in a post. Thanks for reading! :grin:

Link To Topic: [Selling] My Little Brother Work Little house for 10-20 robux only

You may wish to consider rule 15

Which disallows proxy posting, with the exception of #bulletin-board; specifically 15.3.


Thank you for helping me understand I will let others know about this if I see a topic with selling for someone else. :grin:

Yes, its not allowed, however don’t point this out in the replies, take it to DMs instead.


Ok thank you for the extra information this was very helpful from both of you. :grin: