Is it possible for your cart to not derail with 300+ speed or more


Is it possible for your cart to not derail with infinite speed?

i’ve been messing around with it for weeks or months now and everything i try just derails a cart

do you have to add a script to the wheels, tracks, or make a invisible barrier?

some games doesn’t derail so I don’t know how but i tried constraints too but that didn’t work out

update: here is a game you can play to show you a better perspective
[VR] Cart Ride Rollercoasters


Hm, maybe every tick (have a set duration between each tick like 1/3 or 1/2 of a second) set the cart’s general left/right to the current rail piece/section’s orientation.


maybe my cart can be like this?

but i don’t what CFrame though that’s the thing because i want it to make a real cart where players can ride


Couldn’t you also handle the movement on client and then update it for other clients?

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Maybe we can use contraints, so how would i implement it
i usually attach it to the glider, which helps but still DERAILS

Hi there!

I don 't think it is possible to make a high-performing rollercoaster/cart system by using only the roblox physics engine — using CFrames seems by far the most effective solution.
The easiest ‘‘non-script’’ solution to your problem would, I believe, simply not make the cart exceed 300+ studs per second.

I wish you the best of lucks with your project, in hopes that my answer was able to help you at least a bit. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

Happy building!

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Yeah, I think this person should probably work with CFrame correctiob, client movement, get constraints to work, or your solution. I don’t see any other ways because past CFrame it might start to become “hacky” (if that’s a good word).


CFrame solved it! now my cart doesn’t derail for up to 1200 speeds LOL!


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