Is it possible to create a unique link to join a specific server?

If so, how? I’m super curious. I’m thinking of making a quick moderation system for one of my games that has the feature of allowing you to join any server using any application (slack, discord, twitter, etc). Thanks in advance :hugs:


No, unless you want to join a VIP server. (this is generated on the configure page of a VIP server you own)


Thanks again :slight_smile:

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mmmm i think i actually know a way this can be implemented.

If you have access to an external server, you can generate a link that submits a POST request to your webserver, that marks the player as “join server with id X”.

Then, when they next join the game, use httpservice to grab all pending server join requests from your webserver, and simply teleport the player (don’t forget to add a timeout!)

Only issue is authentication; A player would need some way to specify their IGN, or it would allow people to troll others by generating a link for a different person’s ign.


Whoa, this is actually an awesome idea. I’ll check this out and let y’all know if I get anything out of it. :raised_hands:


Super late, but wondering if anything stemmed from this?

You could get the game’s jobid, post it to a webhook and tell your mods to inspect element → console on any Roblox page and type in this code:

Roblox.GameLauncher.joinGameInstance(GAMEID, "JOBID")

for anyone reading in the future :slight_smile:

this code isnt malicious, no harm intended, don’t run scripts in the console if you dont know what they do!


NotWhutThe’s reply is what I’ve been doing for a while now. Sorry for not updating it sooner!

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