Is it possible to download music from Roblox?

I’m looking for a method to download music by their SoundIDs. I’ve tried using, but it doesn’t work unfortunately, even if I own the audio. Is there anything that I can do?
I appreciate the help!


As far as I know, there’s no way to download audio directly from Roblox. You may need browser extensions. Also, other sound creators may not allow it. All Roblox’s sounds in the library are made by APM Music. But, look at this:

That means you’re not allowed to download even Roblox sounds. This is why you can’t download audio. You’d better not risk it. Check the article of Roblox support about the issue here.


My request is not related to videos of any kind, I’m looking for a way to process audios outside of Roblox (audio visualizing purposes) and I need a way to access the library (songs) through my own website/server.

Well, this is actually the Audio Use policy. This is still not possible, and, I guess, not allowed.

I have a feeling that it’s not allowed, but I am not very sure, you might need to do some research on this. A way to export audio could be to record it. Every computer has an application for Voice Recordings, so you can use this.

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It is impossible by recording audio since Roblox encrypts their audio data.


Sorry about bumping this ancient post :blush: , but I’ve recently really needed this and I’ve put together a nice little endpoint.


Short and sweet documentation
Simply take the Audio ID from the Library and put into the URL. The Roblox sound will then be accessible to play in the browser, download the file or parse.

Hope this helps! :white_heart:


How do you find the link to the audio? I am looking to create some sound analysis (beat tracking and other stuff) for music in my game. I want it done programmatically so the users can choose their own sounds. I will do it in an external web service.

However the only way I found how to download the music is GET the library asset page. Then parse that page to get the cdn link. Use that link to download the sound.

If there is an easier way I would like to know.

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You do indeed have to do that, and it comes over in a strange format that is GZipped.

That’s exactly what this is doing, and then sending it back out in the correct encoding.


I will try to use your endpoint too. However, the format was standard mp3 for me, no issues with compression.

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When loading it from the Library I found that some of the audios were sent over with content-type of gzip. This means you have to manually bind the .mp3 suffix onto the file if you are downloading it.

This isn’t too much of an issue if you can do that, but in my particular use case it needed to be sent down as content-type audio/mpeg

The audio itself doesn’t appear to have any issues with formatting, just the content-type it is being sent down as.