Is it possible to make a 2d roblox game?

Hi thank you for taking the time to read this post so recently a game called Awesomenauts has shut down there online servers and I was thinking of remaking it in studio but it was 2d is that possible to make in studio


You’d simply make the camera face towards the side of the player or top-down view. There are some YouTube tutorials on how to do this and an open source game by @GnomeCode here: 2D Game - Roblox. If you want actual pixels too, then I recommend checking out this game and its source: Potato PC Emulator - Roblox

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Yes it is possible to make a 2d game TheDevKing has already made it I can link you the video if you want

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Ok thank you for the help you have heard of the game?


What game are you talking about?

Yes, you can make a 2d engine or use a variety of pre made ones. A quick search led me to this one: Roblox 2D game engine! [Mega update]

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Thank you for the help! :slight_smile: it will help me make this game

Are you talking about a 2D platformer with Roblox’s 3D graphics or an actual 2D game inside of Roblox, because it has already been done.

Yes, I have proof: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! (continued) - Roblox

Yes, you can make a UI and then edit it: e.g. cookie clicker…

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