Is it possible to make part sunray effect?

We all know sunrays effect , it appears when we look at sun but is it possible with a part?

Imagine a spotlight in a very dark place. When you look at it , your eyes gets blured or something like
And Im trying to make same thing.

In short :

seeing sunrays when looking at a specific part.

Is it possible?

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Yes. It is possible.
Here Is a model For you:

Well , thats just a very VERY bright pointlight. This is not what ım loooking for.

Are you talking about lens flare? That’s what a lot of games use when you look into bright lights.

If you are wanting it actually visible from an object, the thread below provides a lot of good info.

Otherwise, you’d be tweening a GUI around the screen in relation with the camera which the thread below discusses.

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