Is it possible to measure the objects in the roblox studio in centimeters?

I need this system because ı am working on geometric objects in roblox studio and its too detailed .
I just started writing the code so there may be mistakes.
There is too many variables in this script.
And any of them are finished because ı have to measure them as in centimeters but ı dont know how to,so ı just only finished the formulas.
Is it possible to measure the objects in the roblox studio in centimeters?
How can i make it?
*If its not possible then, is there any way to make a system which is measures the objects as in centimeters? *

local CylinderVolume = (2 * PiValue * Radius * 2) * Height 
local CircleHeight = Diameter or (Radius / 2)
local ArcLength = (2 * PiValue * Radius) * (CentralAngle / 360)
local CircleSphere = PiValue * (Radius * Radius)
local CirclePerimeter = 2 * PiValue * Radius
local TrianglePerimeter = EdgeA + EdgeB + EdgeC
local TriangleSphere = (SoleLength * TriangleHeight) / 2
local PythagorasEdgeLength = (VerticalEdgeA * VerticalEdgeA) + (VerticalEdgeB * VerticalEdgeB)
local SquareLenght = EdgeD or EdgeE or EdgeF or EdgeH
local SquareSphere = EdgeX * EdgeY
local SquarePerimeter = EdgeX * 4 or (EdgeD + EdgeE + EdgeF + EdgeH)
local SquareDiagonal = (EdgeX * math.sqrt(2))
local LateralSphere = (EdgeU + EdgeI + EdgeO) * TriangleHeight
local ParallelogramSphere = HorizontalEdge * ParallelogramHeight
local ParallelogramPerimeter = (HorizontalEdge * 2) + (CurvedEdge * 2)
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Well roblox uses studs. Im not sure if it’s based off of any real value. You can make a custom scale and base all avatars and building off of it. You can use the average size of a adult male(176 cm) to base the size of cars and buildings.

I mean a system that ı talked about, not logic.

I recommend making functions to convert your ratio(between cm and studs) from studs to cm and cm to studs for design. Look at the trivia(bottom) of this roblox fandom for “official” conversion from studs to cm

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this system is the relationship between roblox studio and real life is it?

Here is a simple function to convert studs into cm:

function StudsToCm(studs) -- Using "newer" roblox converision

return (studs*0.28)*100 -- 1 stud is 0.28 meters then 100x to make centimeters.


So how do I calculate the edges of objects?
the long edge would be easy but how will the short edge be

What do you mean short edge?

Im guessing you mean the height and width?

Use the size property of the part. It will hold its length, width, and height in studs.

I am talking about the short and long edges of the geometric objects. The object we know called Part actually is a rectangular prism and has a short edge (Vertical edge) . and the circles have a Radius and Diameter so how can ı calculate them as in centimeters?

Are you asking how to get the length of the edges or how to convert them into cm?

I am asking both of the questions

and according to the triangle inequality, the sum of the lengths of the two short sides of the triangles must be longer than the length of the long side.
According to my system, this must match

I haven’t done geometry in school yet, I only know trig. I can’t help you with that.

You can use this function to convert studs to cm. Plug this into your script to do the math you need.

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Even if you don’t know the triangle inequality can you write a code that complies with the rule I said

When giving your code you posted at the top, put the function ontop of the script then give the script converted numbers so its all in cm.

By the way “Circle Volume” doesn’t exist i think it’s suppose to be “Circle Area” as circle is 2 dimesnional.

I meant the volume of the cylinder there

I will rename it CylinderVolume

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Oh so you’re trying to create 3 dimensional shapes with those equations but in centimetres?

No, I will do the prism states of these objects, these are 2 dimensional states except some