Is it possible to not replicate character descendants?

Hello, is it possible to not replicate character descendants from client to server? If not I wish roblox will add this feature (like opt in property in workspace). I just want to be guaranteed that character always have all descendants.

Yeah, just instance the descendant on the client and attach it to the player’s character.

This is still not safe solution

Well there might be a “hacky” way like using a local script in replicated first to detect when an object is added and get its properties and then use a remote to send that over then and then have the server use a OnServerEvent to connect to all the arguments and then add it to the characters.

Note: this is can be exploited but if you really want it go ahead.

Do you want players to have characters that only exist on the client?

No, I won’t to replicate changes of character descendants from client to server

Why do you want this? That replication is what allows you to control the player smoothly and consistently. You should just do server side checks so if anything suspicious happens the server will stop it.

I don’t see need of this. I give body to player, why he is able to change it? I already do this server side checks, but guarantee that character`s part is always exist is better for me

Because then the player’s character just won’t move for everybody else.

That’s not true… Network Ownership only gives ownership of the physics of an assembly. What you’re thinking of is Client-to-Server replication. The fact that the Client is able to destroy things from their own character and have it replicate to the server is the problem.


My bad. I’ll fix it in my response

Actually I’ll just delete it. That’s not the only issue about my response and I don’t have time to make it accurate right now

yeah, that’s why I want it as feature