Is it possible to simplify Post Approval for replies?

The Post Approval process for replies looks like this:

  1. Find the desired topic.
  2. Go to the homepage, compose the reply, and post it as a topic in Bulletin Board.
  3. Go to the homepage again and compose a message for Post_Approval.
  4. Search for the links for both the reply and the desired topic, and paste them into the message. (Most troublesome part)
  5. Title it “Post Approval Request for a Reply to a Topic” and send it.
  6. Wait for Post_Approval people to either move the post or say something about it.

The message usually looks like this for me:

Post Approval Request for a Reply to a Topic

For this topic: [Link for target Topic/Reply]

[Link for Bulletin Board topic desired to be a reply]

This process seems to be more complicated than it needs to be. Sure, I can copy one link and paste it when I start composing the message, but I still need to find and paste in the other link. Also, the only button available for creating topics and messages is on the homepage, making it necessary to go there twice.

Is it possible for Post_Approval members to move posts out of messages? If so, maybe messages can be the desired replies themselves? Approvers can then edit out the extra information and move the message itself into the topic.

  1. Find the desired topic and copy its link.
  2. From the homepage, create a message for Post_Approval, paste the link into it, and then compose the reply in the message.
  3. Title it “Reply Request for a Topic” and send it.
  4. Wait for Post_Approval people to either move the message body or say something about it.

Theoretically, a message would then look like this:

Reply Request for a Topic

For this topic: [Link for target Topic/Reply]

[Reply Text]

Unfortunately due to Discourse limitations DMs cannot be moved out into threads. However, there is something in the works that will streamline this process and satisfy your pain-points.


Only forum mods/admins can move posts from DMs/to a public topic.

Post Approval (seem to) have TL3, whereas sages and some staff have TL4. Only TL4 can split/merge topics (so they could move it from a dm to a public thread) but this would be very cumbersome.

tl;dr it’s difficult or impossible

Even mods/admins can’t move specific posts in a DM to topics. All they can do is turn a whole private message into a topic. That retains the responses in the DM which is not desirable.

We already know how to fix this problem the best way and it’s already in the backlog to tackle at some point in the future. Until then we use the existing process for replies.