Is it possible to simulate this type of lighting in roblox?

Hello everyone, I am currently working on a horror game and I was wondering if it is possible to replicate the glossy lighting used in Chilla’s Art horror game.


You can, but it requires a lot of trickery.

For the first image, you’ll want to make the wood really glossy, and have surface lights pointing each direction on the wood to create the light reflection. You may also want some very dim spot lights scattered around (Or a high-ish ambient) to get the light to “bounce” off the surfaces.

The second image is easily recreatable with a beam and a spot/point light.

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How would I do the glossy effect?

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I recommend looking into making custom PBR textures if you want exactly what you’re looking for, or you could try find free ones online.

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Using a custom material with future lighting enabled, with the roughness material at the lowest it can go.

These should help:

Note that reflections simply aren’t possible without the use of a transparent part and a cloned map.


It is possible,but It might take you a while for you to get it exact,unless your gonna make it different.


For the 2nd image, look into Volumetric Lighting.
Here’s a few topics to start off with:
Volumetric Lighting in REALTIME with beams! (this one has an uncopylocked source)
Volumetric Light Effect (not updating)

However, all volumetric lighting plugins and techniques for Roblox right now appear to be really performance heavy and not ideal, so I’m not sure if it’s worth the attempt, but you can still try or search for other methods if you want