Volumetric Lighting in REALTIME with beams!

Hello! I would like to showcase my volumetric lighting system. It uses beams and works in real-time. I’ll probably release it as a plugin.
Sorry for bad quality, I used the built-in video recorder.

Or you can try out the demo game:

Share what you think in the replies, have a good day!


Great work man, I’d love to have something like this in plugin


LightUp! The perfect plugin to fix your lighting - Help and Feedback / Creations Feedback - DevForum | Roblox


It looks quite promising, but I’m not a lighting expert by any means unfortunately.

I’ll leave @A_SquaredAnimations to have a say on this.


LightUp uses another volumetric fog technique. I will add this one too!


I’ve released a small test game you can try:


Looks really good, this take on volumetric lighting has shadows that are very defined, as compared to volumetric lighting that is faked with parts. Though I think it would be better to have beams that are rotated in increments and stay still rather than having them face the camera so the jagged edges aren’t present. Really great stuff though!

also thank you @THULiCORE for letting me know about this :]


this looks promising! how is it for performance on lower end devices? if im not mistaken its just creating a lot of beams with varying transparency to make the effect? if not then I have no clue what black magic this is lol. but nonetheless this is a huge step in the roblox volumetric lighting direction!


I really liked this demo, the light/shadow effects are fantastic!
I would add some general fog / smoke effect around to create some mistery feeling to the playgound :slight_smile:

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The beam works great, but it just looks like a smoke emitter.

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I don’t know how it works on lower end devices. I’m doing my best to fix every performance issue! And yes, it’s a log of beams.

Hello! I’ve updated the demo game and added a few more things.

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How many times does it update? Every frame?

You might want to add an option to slow down or semi automate the process.

Other than that, Id love to to buy the plugin if you plan to release it, Can this work with the sun as a light source? Been wanting that for a while for canyon scenes.

It’ update rate is 60/4. I’ll add an option to change this however.
And no, it can’t use the sun as a light source, it’s so far away the beams would have to be very long and It’s hard to know where the sun is.

If I make a block that represents the suns location, can I make beams that shoot out everywhere onto the map from the ‘sun’?

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And as for lighting, can we move the beams for real time like flashlights?

This is very innovative, though that title comes with expected limitations, that’s why I’m asking :sweat_smile:

Yes, you can do that! Also, if you try out the demo game you can see how the lights act in realtime!

Just played!

What i can say from playing this is that, its definetly laggy. you can see the beams, and they are kinda violent, if there is a way to blur the beams a little it could work better, and for now, the amount of beams is alot.

Thanks for testing! Could you please send a video when and how the game lags? It would help me a lot to improve performance.