Is it possible to tween a ColorSequence

I just want to tween a ColorSequence inside of a UIGradient.

Anything with a number can be tweened, If its a color sequence I’m not sure. Read this:

“Tweening” sequences in a bit complicated because each individual point would have to be deleted and created repeatedly.

@R4DI_0, TweenService, unfortunately, cannot help here. Although you can get the individual points and their time and value, the only way to manipulate them is to recreate them. In other words, ColorSequenceKeypoint.Time and ColorSequenceKeypoint.Value are read-only.

Depending on how you want to tween your UIGradient, I recommend using the Offset property more so than recreating the entire color sequence hundreds of times a minute. In fact, I have a tutorial dedicated to this. It’s simple and easy to follow. All it does is use the Offset and Rotation properties quite cleverly to create a beautiful effect!


Ah, I don’t really get into the GUI design often.

Alright thanks. And I was thinking about tweening the offset.