Is it wise to rely on the client too much?

A while ago I have had issues trying to load maps locally. I received feedback about making scripts function in the server rather than the client. To sum up the post:
I had some local scripts inside StarterPlayerScripts. They worked fine in studio, but refused to work in the game itself (Booting the game up in Roblox rather than Studio). I received feedback about the usage of local scripts, saying that server scripts work better.

What’s relevant here is that I believe(d) that loading maps locally and making them use local scripts works better than leaving them in the server, as having every player run every map at every frame seems less optimal than just loading what is relevant for a player. Teleporting using a local script runs really smooth as well!
Given, I know very little about resources, so that is why I am asking if relying on the client so much is a good idea. Is using local scripts instead of server scripts a better approach, and does it have a difference in resource usage? Does loading only one map locally use less resources than loading all maps in a server?

The client shouldn’t be trused. Exploiters can take advantage of the client and use it to their benefits.

So what I definitely recommend is to use the server as much as possible. In some cases, the client could be the only solution, but you shouldn’t put too much on the client regardless.

If your loading maps then I’m not a professional quote me if I’m wrong but I think it’s best to load on client rather than server as it could lag the whole server when you would only really want it to lag for clients on lower end devices idk

I think you should load the maps on the server, cause I assume that multiple players should be able to interact with them (replication would be beneficial in this case). What you can do is only load a map when at least one player enters it. Also, you might want to update moving obstacles on the client to overcome imperfections in their animations due to server lag.

I think it’s best to load on client rather than server as it could lag the whole server

That depends on how big of a map are you loading. Regardless of the size, it’s always best if you load it from the server, as low-end devices can crash, and chances are they will.
If you load it from the server, only cons are that the server might freeze for maximum 0.5 seconds, but that isn’t much of a problem.