Is it worth making a Clicking / Tapping simulator game?

Hello, so clicking simulator type games have a lot of players and they are very popular + they are easy to make and i was asking myself if i should make one and invest on it but its it still worth making one?


I you think it’s right then you make one


I’d say no there are already so many of them and a lot of them are already ultra popular. I think your time is better spend making a different game. If this is your first time making a game why not it’s a great way to learn.

Let me know if you have any questions.



It depends on the actual gameplay acts if you are replicating similar simulators that have been made already. I would try making it different from other simulators make it stand out and include different loops and mechanics that other simulators don’t have, and see what you can do to make it better and worth playing.

While simulators are quite repetitive nowadays try starting small before jumping to large projects try to not make the gameplay with players stand on a flat surface clicking or holding down there mouse all day, I don’t think users wont intend to play this it might be worth making a game that attracts younger audience. Users don’t want to spend hours/days just for grinding for a non useful item.

Add challenges quests and things players will continue to play and coming back to your game if you look at “mining simulator” as example you’ll see it features it’s own gameplay and mechanics and it stand outs from other repetitive simulators.

Try to make it stand out feature different props mechanics challenges - quests so it’ll be attractive to players and not to gain a single item which isn’t worth grinding for.


Thank you! I will try making it unique. Do you think it would be good to spend like 10K robux on sponsors for the game after its finished?

Sorry for the late response, this actual depends everyone has there own approaches if your sponsoring a new game, 10k or lower is good you just have to make sure players actually enjoy your game instead of leaving in a few minutes or seconds.

Your game should feature a actual gameplay, including quests, prizes for player that intend to join back to your game to achieve those rewards make it attractive that it’s worth playing it again or returning back if your game doesn’t feature an actual gameplay or mechanics you’ll not gain that much of your audience to return. Sponsor your game on different devices that users tend to play on, I wouldn’t really go in depth with this since there are over a thousand threads on different approaches you could go for.

Here is a thread talking about how much you should advertise/ sponsor on your game regarding what should you sponsor it on to gain more players that are willing to play your game. It might be helpful to take this along the process:

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