Is it worth making an anti cheat

Hi, I’m wondering is it worth creating an anti cheat for a Roblox game with the new Byron prevention thing?

exploiters are still very prevalent, so I’d say probably.

Game state should always be 100% controlled by the server, and by default, cheating shouldn’t be able to affect the experience for others.

The only anti-cheat you would need is maybe teleporting/flying? But it depends on the game you’re making. What I did was make a universal anti-cheat that I use in all of my projects and it just works in the background.

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It depends on the feedback of your players. I would focus on everything else until the full product is released and have that set as Alpha, Beta, or Stress test, something that tells the player it is not the full game. If you do get complaints of hackers or exploiters, it’s best to invest your time into making anti-cheats for your player base.

How can you make an anti cheat with Byron prevention, I thought it wasn’t released yet?

I don’t know if it’s released or not but even then my game won’t be done for a long time.

Alrighty. Thank you for your comment!

I guess waiting for reports of cheating might be better than wasting time on making a anti cheat if no one wants to cheat.

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