Is my game ready to be released?

Hey! I have been working on a Game that I think is now ready for its first release. I would like to hear your feedback :happy1:

Game link


Seems very basic currently, I’d add a few more features (such as music and any buildings or any details). then test it out with friends to see if it’s any good

The game has been down since December 30th due to a data loss problem and I am yet to find a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Game back up! R6 support added

I think its a good foundation for a game however i don’t think it is ready to be released at all, yes there is some gameplay in there however its not very fun. Here are some suggestions:

  • Add an actual map with different ‘hills’ which have different valued coins
  • Make 2 teams fight each-other for these hills, this adds more fun to the game instead of just walking around collecting coins which offers very little replay-ability and overall little fun, it also separates it from other simulators which this game practically is
  • Add a icon and thumbnail, it dosen’t need to be insanely good it just needs to be something which represents the game. An example could be for my game Stay Up, An example of each are below:
Icon Example

Thumbnail Example

  • Add weapons, power-ups etc which you can buy with coins collected
  • Pets which you can buy with coins

Here are some monetisation ideas:

  • Pets!
  • Trails!
  • Exclusive Hill Access!
  • Skins for weapons!

The game currently is very boring and basic with extremely little replay-ability and gameplay. It needs more added to it and if that happens i believe this game could be a success if done right.

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I agree with your points.

I work on the game every day around 10 miniutes - 8 hours.
At this stage it is quite simple as it is only barely past a month old, and that I am the only developer, and I also work on many projects at one time.

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New Map design

I decides to make a new map design from the boring pillar in the center of the map.


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Game undergoing a big remake. Update expected maybe in 2 weeks or earlier.

New hill style coming soon!

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I updated the Game with new features, more info here: