Is religion/country’s UGC ok?

There already are religious catalog items released by Roblox themselves (for example the Hanukkah Bops) so why wouldn’t religious UGC items be allowed?

And let’s not forget that there are a lot of religious games, clothes and groups that never got banned.

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This might help

ill try to do more research about this

It’s called church ;-;
cause it’s normally censored.

They allow it at some extent… Very controversial topics

yea, they allow “satan” to get by moderation but not “Jesus”


It should be fine if you are not harassing the group(s) or country(s)
But then again no one really knows, as there is no section in community standards for this.

Jesus should be censored as its a childs game and nobody cares about religion when your trying to have fun. Satan should also be censored, But thats not the point.

Children = dont want to be influenced by religion while playing adopt me or something

What’s the difference between
Personal Sexual Oritentation
Personal Religion?

LGBTQs does Pride Parades for awareness to not be discriminated (I hope it’s not to feel superior), and can you say that certain religious people aren’t doing the same? To just not be discriminated?

I have nothing else to say but, whatever policy for Pride, shall be the same for religions. If it’s already the case, awesome. If not, it means Roblox is liberal and does not treat player’s ideologies equally.

That’s maybe because of propaganda?

Religion is also a part of someones identity… If one is banned the other one should be banned as well because it’s discriminating :DDD

Also, talking about your sexual preference should be censored and avoided because it’s not a child thing and they shouldn’t be influenced by it, both things are personal


Talking about your sexual preferences also can upset people (which is btw kinda not child-friendly)

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Everything that claims themselves as the truth could be propaganda. So Roblox should either be super strict and ban all personal opinion or seriously just see people’s personalities equally, not being too left or right.

Man, just look at the item catalog… It’s full of these things, and that isn’t propaganda for you?

I am not trying to get too political here, but nothing can be “centric” or neutral forever, that’s because of the left which always shifts the border between both sides more to the left, and calls others bigots and other things I shouldn’t write here if they don’t agree with their beliefs…

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Oh lookie here, another argument about religion and sexual orientation. How about we all reconcile, shake hands and leave the room as soon as possible before someone whispers ‘religion’ again.


That’s true. We’re all here for profits, or entertainment from creating tech stuff such as scripts and models. Nobody should give a damn about religions or sexual orientation.
Whenever I make topics like this, I know well enough that I’m just bored and being stupid. Everyone carry on on your projects and games please! @moderators get this topic closed, thank you a lot!

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and the moral of this, everyone, is to keep your mouth shut when you are feeling bored and being stupid like megalodox

Nope, the moral of this is, the public forums on the internet is stupid as fu, that’s why barely any good DEVs like Coeptus or Badimo spends their days here. A few bugs or #bulletin-board posts is all they does. Let’s try to be like them?

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Christians (Sorry if im saying it behalf of them) Don’t say “jesus blah blah blah” for awareness. They do it to try and convert. I have never seen a christian that is trying to spread awareness, I do see christians telling kids things about the bible and satan on roblox. Not awareness.

Plus, Christians are not as hated as the lgbtq, As the lgbtq is a minority.

It isn’t.

True, I just think that thinks like a coloured flag can be allowed.