Is roproxy died?

Hi guys! In my game appear bug, roproxy can’t find info about gamepass, I saw and I think that roproxy died


Is there alternative link?

you might have to create your own proxy as many proxies are a big security issue

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Me no have money for own proxy

go look at some open source proxies like rprxy

YES, Roproxy died.
The Roproxy Dev says to not use any of them anymore (PSA: Stop using Roblox proxies! (roproxy,, rprxy))
But when you need one, he recommends (GitHub - halffalse/roproxy-lite: A modified version of RoProxy made for self-hosting.) RoProxy Lite

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Mentioning this here just in case anyone stumbles across this thread - no, RoProxy is not dead. That endpoint was removed by Roblox. Use instead.

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ye thank you, alr found solution.

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