Is selling an unban from a game against TOS or Rules?

I’m writing this forum to ask for assistance in determining if selling an in-game unban for Robux is against Roblox Terms of Service or Community Rules. I’m asking because I’ve seen some members sell unbans for robux; this allows players who are banned to pay a fee to continue playing the game.

I see in the community rules you cannot sell in-game virtual items. “Do not permit or enable the selling or trading of random virtual items obtained in your game(s), for Robux, real currency or anything of value off the Roblox platform.” Not sure if this includes unbans too.


I’m not an expert but I believe it’s allowed. You have the right to ban anyone from your game if they violate your rules and conditions, paying to get an unban is reasonable.

If you think about it, it’s similar to paying for play access to a game you’ve never played before. If someone plays your game, it should be common sense that they may be banned for violating in-game rules (exploiting, being rude and etc).

Don’t take what I said for 100%.


It is unlikely you will make sales off of unbans anyway; in my opinion this doesn’t sound very ethical, and players that got banned are surely to return on alternate accounts.


Yeah. I agree. I don’t think it’s right to sell unbans from a game as they could’ve just been unjustified in the first place. Plus I don’t think anyone who exploited, trolled, or was disrespectful in the first place would want to use Robux (or currency) to come back and play again.


Thank you to those that replied. I just wanted to clear up my confusion about this act.

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Sorry to bump this post but does anyone have a clear answer on this? I’m still unsure if this is allowed 100%.

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is there a reason you want to sell unbans? if someone got banned for exploiting or harassment and they are dedicated they won’t care about paying…they will just return on another account.


That is true, but my player base is one willing to purchase unbans. The ban system I have is a global ban, meaning if you’re banned from one account you will be banned across all of my games. I know it may not seem profitable but from previous statistics, I believe it’s worth implementing.

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Thats what Im thinking, like if someone got banned they clearly dont care about the game in the first place so why would they support it? like unless its some kid with their rich parents credit card and anger issues I doubt anyone would pay to get unbanned, for this to even get one sale it would not only need to be the most popular game on roblox but also a very very active moderator team to create demand for the product in the first place

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think about ethics…if it is an exploiter willing to pay to unban they will continue to be a nuisance to other players, same for trolls. will you just let them because they make you money? will you ban them indefinitely? (which could possibly be seen as a scam putting you both in the wrong?)


I think it’s worth giving them a second chance for a price, and I have my ways to ban users with 100% confirmation that they were doing unnatural behavior. I don’t plan only making one game, I plan making multiple. Being banned from one means being banned from what I’ve made.

but what stops someone from just making an alt? takes literal seconds to make a roblox account, besides I doubt someone who was banned would be willing to pay, unless you have hundreds of people messaging you and asking to pay to be unbanned youll get one sell from a hacker who wants to go back and mess with people

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If you’ve read what I said, I’ve mentioned that from previous statistics, I think it’s worth implementing. There is nothing that stops me from preventing people from creating alts.

I believe some games such as Da Hood sells unbans, however, I’m not sure if they’re still doing this.

I’ve also done it but I’d like to know if it’s allowed before continuing any further.

I’m not a successful developer or anything, but if Da Hood has been selling unbans for a while now, I think it should be okay. Don’t take my word as fact though.

I assume you can sell an unban, sense Roblox didn’t actually make bans in games, as the creators did.
Additionally, nothing in the TOS actually says you can’t sell an unban feature in your own game.

Now I do want to add like what @incapaz said, like if an exploiter bought it, and created more bad in that game, Roblox could possibly say that your some way “promoting exploiting” almost-ish, and like he also said, they can just make an alt on a different IP (which they already do with the banned account, as they don’t want their main account banned).

I guess I’ll assume that it’s allowed, I’ll still ask around and wait a bit before doing anything.

Yeah, it seems like you’re literally trying to profit off of exploiters it’s common knowledge that they are not going to just stop exploiting. Like others said, they could just make another alt instead anyway. However, it is most likely not against the rules because you are banning them on your terms; Roblox didn’t ban them.

I do want yo comment though, the price of an unban wouldn’t be like 20 robux, no probably more like 20k robux…