Is selling UCG hats in your Roblox game allowed by Roblox?

So I wish to make a small outfit store game, and since most of the outfits are made to go with specific hats I thought it would be nice if I could include those (for sale in game). It essentially works like with shirts and pants where if the players click a hat a prompt will pop up asking them if they wish to purchase it (with Robux of course).

Now, I have not found anything regarding this topic in the ToS, and I am not sure if selling other user’s creations (UGC) is allowed, and if that is the case, does the game owner or the group owning the game any sort of profit from that? I heard at one point you would get a 10% cut of whatever you sold in game. (Gear made by Roblox)

However, does this still apply for UGC?

it’s not allowed I guess. no idea.

I’m unsure if you will get a cut or not, though, I am positive you are allowed to sell UCG items in your game. I have seen this in a clothing group so I believe it is alright. I say go for it.

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I dont think you get a cut for it but I see no reason it wouldnt be allowed since its just another clothing item, you cant really take credit for making it if youre just linking to it, I say go nuts, if it gets a warning well now you know for the future

If the creator of the UGC item, the official one that was uploaded to the UGC catalog. Not items that haven’t already been uploaded. Anyways, if the creator has it set to allow third-party sales. And you have your game set to allow third-party sales. You should be able to sell the item in your game. The creator gets a 30% cut, and you get a 40% cut afaik.

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Thank you! This answers all my questions.

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