Is the Betsy Ross flag now suddenly forbidden in games?

Hi, recently I was developing a game, and one of the buildings within said game is a patriotic-themed diner.

The diner has various historical American flags on the walls, and I was already cautious over the website’s moderation, so I had to pick very specific ones. Despite this, the textures I made for these flags were uploaded months ago, and over a week ago, Roblox moderated one of the textures, a Betsy Ross flag, an earlier American flag.

There is nothing bad about the flag or how I used it, as it was simply hanging on the wall. Is there some change in the community guidelines now about specific flags being used in games, or is it just bad moderation?


That’s insane if this flag was moderated.

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I appealed long ago and it got restored.

I made multiple shirts with this flag in the past and had no problem, no idea what happened.

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Happened again.

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That’s crazy. What is happening???

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Update: they won’t change the moderation. Why? well apparently, it wasn’t harassment; it was actually “”“hate speech.”“” EXCUSE ME?? LOL??

It’s my countries first national flag, not the flag of a controversial empire and SO MANY GAMES IN THE PAST have used this same flag before and I went almost 9 years on the platform, uploading this flag multiple times and suddenly it’s now problematic?? yes, I filed another complaint, this time more lengthy but this is absolutely ridiculous

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That’s even more insane!

Roblox needs to see this and immediately reverse this decision. This is absurd beyond measure.

I’m certain something happened in 2023 where moderation decided to go crazy. Something that’s totally normal and tame, even welcoming and accepting, suddenly being interpreted as hateful and discriminatory by moderation.

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