Is there a way I can use custom fonts in Studio?

Hi, so I just wondered if this was possible to do. Like, instead of using any of the built-in fonts in Studio, I wondered if it’d be possible for me to somehow import a custom font or something, rather than creating images on some software and constantly having to upload it into Roblox.



I was wondering the same thing, and it really does need to be a feature.
But sadly no, not that I know of. Maybe you could do the same thing as adding custom fonts to Microsoft word but in studio.


Aw. Thanks though :slight_smile:


Unless it is a feature now, the easiest way of doing it would probably be generating an image with a custom font


You can, but its kind of sketchy. You have to go to the roblox files on your computer and swap out one of the text files with your own. Then give it the same name as was there previously. Then you can go to studio and choose the font that you replaced.


The problem with that is, other people can’t see it. Only you until ROBLOX updates their files again.


Yes, That’s the drawback. I should have mentioned that.


You actually can!
Make a spritesheet of all the letters/numbers of the desired font, and then for each character you use an ImageLabel. ImageLabel.Image should be the asset id of the spritesheet, then I think you set ImageRectSize to the size of the spritesheet image (in pixels) on the spritesheet, and ImageRectOffset would be the position on the spritesheet of a character.

Example of a spritesheet (numbers only though):

1600x187 (ImageRectSize =,187)
So, for example, number 1’s ImageRectOffset would be, 0), number 2 is, 0), number 3 is, 0) etc

You can set up a ModuleScript for each font and it’s character’s positions (ImageRectOffset):
And then write a script that would assign all of the characters accordingly for you.

It’s definitely much MUCH more harder than just typing in text into a TextLabel and changing the Font property, but it’s a way, and if you really need to use a custom font then this is how.

EDIT: added images, more info and fixed all mistakes, this is precisely how you do it.


Since people are still reading this sometimes, here’s a better way to do it.

Get this module!
It also includes a tool to convert .ttf/.otf fonts into roblox ModuleScripts, which you can then easily import into your game.

API Page


This would be cool, but no, there is no way to import fonts into studio. It would be cool if there was a plugin for 2D text fonts, but I’m not sure thats possible.

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Sorry for the bump but if there is a custom font plugin that I created that might be helpful for anyone who finds this topic. It uses a sprite sheet method of inserting fonts. It is definitely not as good as a method as ADUPS module/API, but it’s all integrated within Roblox which is a “bit” quicker :slight_smile:


Just wanted to let anyone know if they come across this post :smiley:


I know they solved the issue, but if you still don’t know how to make a “custom font” you can go to the following link to get the model that I have made
I currently feel like a spammer lol :coefficients:


bumping this. This seriously needs to be a feature!


Alright, so this has been announced in RDC 2021.

Their concept about this is to have a font marketplace.
So, it’s pretty much custom fonts.

Since it was announced in 2021, it may have a chance of arriving this year!


Let’s goooo! That’s gonna come in handy for a lot of my projects, glad to see that smaller things that could make life a lot easier for us devs are being looked into aswell!

the way i get custom font is just finding it online and copy and pasting it into text label
it is the easiest way as of now

example i found these online
Note these all work and you can color them


Usually, when I want a custom font, I just open an editing program and create a small png with the text I want. its fairly simple and easy to insert into your game. However, I don’t really think its the best option out there. For example, once you save the PNG and exit out of the editing program, there’s no way to edit it if you make a mistake.

However, it is, in my opinion, the simplest option. Well, I guess short of just using the built in fonts Roblox gives you.

I’m going to bump this post because we really need this. Studio’s font limitations make it much more difficult to add variation and spice up your text.

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Can really agree for this, you can like get a custom timer font and smash it into your game.

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Thanks! (ineed30characterssopleasedontmindthis!!!)