Custom Text Label Creator Plugin!

Custom Font Plugin!

This Plugin allows your creativity not to become limited to Roblox’s specific fonts! Roblox, at the time of making this, has 46 fonts to choose from. It seems like a lot, but compared to the thousands of fonts on the internet it is very miniscule! This plugin allows you to insert/create fonts you can use to your pleasing! The plugin was designed for dynamic (Changing) custom text, but it can still be used for static!


The plugin supports up to 107 characters, this includes the complete US English Standard Keyboard layout and 12 extra custom character slots. (This may be expanded as the plugin goes into more development)

This is an example of what a created font sheet would look like BEFORE being exported

Here are some tips in order to help you create great looking fonts! :grin:

How To Use The Plugin:


After you have installed the plugin, you should see a folder named “Fonts” in Replicated Storage.

Those image label names are the fonts that you can use in your custom font objects.

If you want to insert a custom textlabel, go to the topbar and click on the localscript or serverscript button, depending on which one you want to use. (The only difference is that the serverscript has code running on a script, while the localscript (Client) has code running on a localscript.)
Then you can mess with each of the variables till you have something you like. (The variables can be changed in scripts, just remember to add on “.Value” when reading or writing to a variable!)

How To Insert Custom Font Sheet
  • Create a 480px by 480px image with no background

  • Insert custom font Template

  • Place each character of wanted font into each box

  • When all characters are in place delete or hide the backTemplate and export as a PNG

    • Upload to Roblox as a label
  • Get into Roblox Studio and duplicate the font “Empty”

  • When Duplicated, insert the uploaded roblox label assetid into the image property and rename the object to your pleasing

  • When it is renamed, go to your custom font object and to the font property

  • Put the font property Value as the name of your imagelable fontsheet and you are good to go!

  • Custom font characters should be centered on the slightly invisible lines to line them up correctly

  • Custom font characters should be exported as white so that they can be color shifted :smiley:

  • Save the Image as a 480px by 480px PNG image

    • When saving the image, make sure to delete the template in the background so that it doesn’t show up!
  • The bottom 12 boxes are for any special characters you may want to add

    • For example, Special accents or emojis!!! :sunglasses:
    • In order to put them in text you need a special syntax (ex: “[[1” for #1 Box, “[[3” for #3 Box, “[[0” for #10 Box, and “{{1” for #11 Box)
  • A nice website to use for inserting or drawing fonts is, but even software like MS Paint works!!!

  • When changing text, play around with the properties inside of the object to make it look nice :smiley:


Documentation (For Now) has not been created yet.

Please check back later to see if it has been created
(Sorry for the inconvenience :sweat:)

Feel free to look through the source code to see how the plugin works and how the font creator works too!


These recourses are HIGHLY recommended to be used while creating fonts!!! Make sure to
download the PNG template so you can get started!

Template V1.1

untitled (9)
*PNG size: 480px 480px

Custom Fontsheets

These font sheets have already been included with the plugin so no need to insert them :smiley:

Funky Fontsheet
untitled (12)

Plaster Fontsheet
untitled (14)

Special Character Syntax

Syntax for bottom 12 boxes (Numbered LEFT TO RIGHT)

[[1 = #1 Box Character
[[2 = #2 Box Character
[[3 = #3 Box Character
[[4 = #4 Box Character
[[5 = #5 Box Character
[[6 = #6 Box Character
[[7 = #7 Box Character
[[8 = #8 Box Character
[[9 = #9 Box Character
[[0 = #10 Box Character
{{1 = #11 Box Character
{{2 = #12 Box Character

Here is the plugin link:

Have fun creating your own fonts! (This is my Second every plugin and I would love to hear some feedback of how I could make the plugin better in the comments! Thank You!!! :smile:)

[Also any custom font sheets you would like to share, please share them in the comments for others to use :smiley: ]

Here is an advert from Sands Undertale Himself


wouldnt it be easier for the person to make the ui on what part of the text they want to be changed?


This plugin was designed for dynamic text (like having a typewriting effect without the thousands of images). It CAN be used for static text, but you might as well make an image for the static text. (Btw happy cake day :D)

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Thank you sooooo much! I’ve been needing this for so long I’ve stopped counting. One question. Would it be okay for people to add font upload images to this post, and then maybe every week or so you add any new ones? Just so that there is more fonts without having to upload them manually. Other than that, you’re a living genius!

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Thank you and yes! You can post images of fontsheets if you would like (Just follow the devforum rules) But (maybe) ill add some of the font sheets into the main plugin :smiley:

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Awesome! I’m definitely going to add some sheets myself, when I find some free time.


Wow, this plugin is great! Thank you so much, I’ve already got it working and it looks great. Everything weirdly looks really far away from each other though, like an “i” looks really weird next to something like a “k” because the spacing doesn’t consider the width of the character. How do you make it so it makes a new like without making another frame like /n?

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Hi! So right now I haven’t been working on this plugin actively, but I was thinking of updating the plugin with /n capabilities :smiley: ! I definitely will not be able to get an update out this week (or few weeks) but I’m definitely going to start work on some updates to it! And yes the spacing is a bit weird for some characters (I may add an width scaling array to fix some of those problems)!

Anyway, thanks for the feedback! (Also updating the custom textbox with attributes will be on my list to update when they come out of beta :))

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Would this plugin allow me to display font with a FontSize larger than 100, without losing resolution?
Currently, I need large text in my game, but even at 100 FontSize, roblox fonts are too small. If I increase my PixelsPerStud, the text becomes pixelated.


The pixel size would be directly affected by the resolution of decal you upload to Roblox. I think the maximum pixel size my plugin uses is 480px by 480px which would mean that each character is 20x30px. So as long as your character size does not go over 30 pixels you should not see a difference in resolution. It does allow you to go over 100 text size but the resolution may be a bit worse

Short answer: It will allow you to go over 100 FontSize but resolution for characters will still become pixilated