Is there a way to auto anchor parts?


So I know that it can be a pain sometimes to have to anchor parts every time you spawn in a new part. What I am wondering is if there is any way for you to have parts auto anchor (like a settings or smthing).

I had a look for posts on the DevForms about it but could not find anything. Any help would be welcome.

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There’s isn’t a way to do with ROBLOX tools that unless you write a script that anchors everything on runtime.

Additionally, you can do:

Control + A then anchor

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That is the reason why I was asking. I was thinking about making a plug in to assist with building and that was one of the features I just wanted to check it is not already a feature before I add it as a feature of the plug in. (how it would work is when a part is added to the workspace it would auto anchor if you set the settings for auto anchor to true).

The only way to do this is by using plugins, I personally made one because I needed this too that also allows you to filter what to anchor (I don’t mean to advertise, but it’s on my profile - N Suit)

Wouldn’t be necessary, there’s already an existing plugin for that purpose.

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I plan to make a plugin for building assistance anyways so I probs still would add it as a feature anyways but thanks for sharing that.