Is there a way to convert Unions to a mesh?

I’m to the point where I am paranoid to leave any large project I’ve made after my unions have become corrupted time after time, with it last happening about 5 minutes ago, making me lose about a week’s worth of work.

Saving the project to file while saving it to roblox doesn’t do anything to prevent unions from magically deciding to corrupt themselves, and while it is still possible to recover lost unions,
It is extremely tedious, and after using them for a quarter of my project, I’m extremely irritated after they decided to become invisible and unusable.
I have no way to prevent this, no way to revert back to a earlier project, and no alternatives to creating complex parts without learning a 3D modeling completely from scratch.

This brings me to my second point, I’d rather just create a union, and export it to a mesh… somehow. Meshes don’t seem to get screwed over the way unions do, which is why I’d much prefer them while still utilizing the extremely convenient and useful solid modeling tools.


You can upload them to blender as a OBJ then export and import them to Roblox.


Yeah, just right-click your union and press “Export Selection…” This gives you an .obj file which you can reupload as a mesh.

This isn’t really much more convenient than the recovery process, so it might not be worth the effort. You might want to look into making meshes from scratch, since most 3D modelling software has similar tools to Roblox’s union system. For example, in blender, the Boolean modifier can subtract (difference), union (union), or keep only the intersection (intersect, not something supported by Roblox I’m pretty sure).

Edit: Looks like my image is getting cut off, but if you click it then it should show up properly.


I appreciate your answer, my main caveat with 3D modeling however is that I’d need to switch from studio to blender often, and with my work PC being pretty garbage, it’s difficult. However I guess it’s more than likely my only choice at this point.