Is there a way to detect how much pressure is being applied to certain points on parts?



im trying to set up a way to have parts react to stress to create buildings that are vulnerable to sheer stress, pressure or tension. aside from magnitude is there a way to detect these kinds of forces being applied to a part?


Nope. I’d like this feature too. I’d use it for deforming parts and collision damage. You should create a feature request for it.


how can I do that?


Post a feature request in the engine features category of the platform feedback section.

You can find it here:


New Members are unable to post in the Engine Features category. Information on how to submit an engine feature is available in the New Member FAQ, which is sent to you upon being promoted to New Member.


Do you have to request a top contributor to post for you? Or did I read wrong?


The information is available in the thread. If you’re a New Member, you must create a thread in the Bulletin Board category (/c/bulletin-board), then DM the Lead Top Contributor group to have the post reviewed. Once the review process is complete and the thread is accepted, it will be moved to Engine Features and discussion will be unlocked.


I don’t think it is currently possible;

However, you can create your own system (keep in mind it won’t be exactly the desired feature, but still would work):

  • You could calculate the pressure on a part by calculating the mass of a part, or a group of parts (model) by the whole size, number of parts and materials. In this way, if for example a roblox character stepped on that part, it would calculate the body + Plastic material, which would come to x mass that would be for example lighter than a big rock.

This might not exactly answer your question, but can help :blush:


If you do it the way you stated, you cannot forget to include the players gears, hats and other accessories that the character may have equipped. Therefore, getting all accessories inside the player model can facilitate the method you stated above. Allowing for you to get each mass, adding it onto the body and plastic material which gives you mass x.

I do believe that the way you explained can be a good way to overcome this problem.
But, as Gagou_Bloxxer stated, there is no concrete way to do this at the moment (15 March, 2019).

Ps; If I have mentioned something that may be incorrect, please correct me on my mistake. Thank you.