Is there a way to get get rid of network delay? (make a player move at the same position as a basepart)

I have been working on a climb-able rope for some weeks now and was wondering if there is a way to get rid of the delay here:

There are parts which are created on the clientside and they move together with the rope.

I have tried adding an allignPosition, but the parts dont exist on the server, so i thought there was do way of doing this.

What could i do to cut the delay between the rope/clientsided parts and the player?

I don’t know too much about scripting yet, but if I read this correct the scripts are client sided? Because they’re client sided, the client sees what is supposed to be happening for them, so its in perfect orientation for them, and it appears as though other players are just moving on air when in reality they see you walking on air. The only workaround (I think) is to make the scripts server sided so whats on the server decides where the rope is, and based on that the client should see other players about in the same position that they see on their screen, so even if its not perfect, its about the same for everybody. I hope I did a good job explaining that, and I also hope what I said is right, because I put a lot of effort into typing that :sweat_smile:

I’m not quite sure, I suppose you could. But you have to consider the client’s MS, etc. It’s not always your coding that’s wrong.

Your answer:

As stated in this topic, there will always be some delay when communicating between the client and the server. There’s pretty much nothing you can do about this. Anyway, hope this helped, have an amazing rest of your day/night.

It is possible to get rid of the delay between the rope and the player by adding a ropeconstraint with an infinite size, but thats not really possible for me as the parts are created on the client side and do not exist on the server.