Is there a way to remove these shadows?


At graphics level 21 (level 10 in game) there are some ugly shadows that you seemingly can’t get rid of at the edges of parts:
this is what i would expect it to look like with the lighting settings i have (graphics level 20)

lighting properties:

Is there any way to remove this?


I don’t believe so, although there is a feature request for this:


I wonder if you could counteract it with bloom…


FYI this is called Ambient Occlusion, it is used to add realism to a game because without it everything looks flat and nothing that is not a light can be that bright without any shadows in real life.


flat is kinda the style i’m going for though…


I do not think ROBLOX has added a feature like this, it’s not a situation where you need to change the lighting, I recommend for now until ROBLOX add a shadow removal feature, I would use FYI , which @vsnry had mentioned in his comment. However, another way would to add spotlight or pointlight to an invisible object.

I hope this helped!