Is there a way to see who disliked my game?

My game got spam disliked in January with over 24 dislikes in one hour. I would like to be able to see where they came from in order to try and contact them to change it, because the low ratings have caused it to become unpopular. I have lost so much motivation from this problem, is there any way out?


No, not that I’m aware of at least.
You can however get the live count of downvotes through an endpoint:!/Votes/get_v1_games_votes

You could also try publishing your game place under a new game, to start over with the votes.


Well, if they disliked then it means they didnt like the game? There isn’t a way to see who disliked your game and SHOULDN’T have.

The dislike and like ratio are just so you can see what is the popular rating about it, if its low then you should just improve your game.


They all came in within a 1 hour period, over 24 of them, which seems suspicious.


There’s also Dislike-Botting

I contacted support several times about this but just got copy paste replies.

Well, perhaps you can try creating a friendship with those who hate you that you know.

I dont really think anyone should be able to see the dislike ratio, the only ways to really avoid this is to try to lower the ammount of people that doesnt like you.

The only reasons I know for someone doing this is either trolling (Well I dont really think someone would troll over a game that just came out), or hating over you, or the game being bad for them, or illegal stuff.

Have you ever had beef with any other groups/games/individuals? If so, that’s most likely the reason. Now, I know you know who I am and I’m sure you are quite knowledgeable about my past, so I’ll say this here:

My old game received 56 dislikes in a matter of minutes due to a game which I’m sure you know which one it is but I will not name it here for privacy reasons announcing in their public announcements channel basically asking people to dislike my game. I had to act quickly and I closed my game to avoid further dislikes. I don’t use that place anymore though due to the amount of dislikes it got. You most likely are having the same issue as this, as I remember you saying a while ago that somebody joined your game and threatened to leave dislikes or something, he may have announced to his group so that people in his group can join and dislike your game too.

Now moving on to how to possibly get rid of these dislikes. Well, if your dislikes came from the reason I stated above, there is no way to get them removed, since they are from legitimate players, not bots. I sincerely believe that your dislikes were not botted, since you basically can’t buy only 24 bots. You have to buy like thousands for only like 5 dollars. However, if you truly believe your dislikes came from bots, like the game Liftoff, the only option is to email Roblox support, which is exactly what the developers of Liftoff did and they got their dislikes removed 3 months later since it was obvious that their game was disliked by bots. But once again, I really don’t think your dislikes are from bots due to the small number of dislikes you received, and you can’t do anything about it if it was because some other group announced in their server for their players to dislike your game.


Try re-uploading the game to try again. Its probably dislike bots. If you still get hit with dislikes , try to keep an influence on the game so that real people liking would overcome the fake people botting.


The thing is, I have many visits, and a new place would look “unprofessional” I also have over 100 likes, but the rating is still too low for many people’s standards

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If your game doesn’t have too much traffic yet, you could try to ‘log’ whoever’s joined.
Not sure how, but there’s most likely a way to log it ingame or through Discord.

This doesn’t tell if they (dis)liked the game however. For that, you may want to be creative and try to figure out a pattern such as short time played, check their profiles for suspicous similarities or even send them a ROBLOX personal message asking them how they’d experienced your game!

you could try to ‘log’ whoever’s joined

Yeah, like you said there is a way to see who joined. All you would need to do is use a discord webhook, and use the httpservice to just have the webhook post the name in some type of discord server. But, you should be careful with the amount of http requests you send(if you have a big game with lots of people joining every second.)

Now to your question, there is no way to see who disliked your game, but you could use an API to see who liked the game, and that could rule out them being a suspect. As long as your game is well-made, all you would need to do is advertise it more, and those dislikes will be a thing of the past. A handful of dislikes wont stop people from playing the game even if it is inconvenient. As long as it’s fun and enjoyable, more people will like it than dislike it.

I have seen this before with Broken Hill Nuclear, it used to have a 78% like ratio but it now has 17%. It’s a shame that people do this because it can really ruin a developers feelings to see their game become so disliked that people don’t even try the game.


Just a quick question, how am I able to use the operations listed within the API? Is there a tutorial on this or something, because all of these operations intrigue me a slight bit.

I have a log system now, but this happened before the log was active.

The answer to the topic is that there isn’t any way, not much else to be said.

That concerns game.HttpService and its members, for example HttpService:GetAsync() or RequestAsync() when passing the Method as GET will send a Get request the the url, you can use or to find the endpoint you want for a specific purpose, there’s so many things you can do with them.
Didn’t find a tutorial for how to use these properly but I might create one if needed, though it might be trivial once you know how to send requests with the API members.

That’s really not that suspicious. Just 24 dislikes is extremely unlikely to be bots. If your game was dislike botted, you’d probably see your dislikes shoot up to somewhere in the hundreds.