Is there a way to zoom in on GUIs in roblox studio?

Right now I’m working on a custom inventory system. I am finding it quite fiddly to work with, so being able to get close ups on areas of the GUI would be brilliant. Something like this would be awesome;

(Close up was edited in by myself)

I guess not only for just GUIs, but for anything really that requires small details. Does this exist at all?

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I can’t give you a proper answer but here’s my idea:

You make a copy of the whole UI and place it inside a frame where the zoomed in version will be. Maybe you could use UIScale and some scripting to also scale up the text of the zoomed in copy.

Probably it’s harder to do, but I hope this gives you some help how to get started.

Oh, I think I’ve been far too vague with what I meant when I was writing this… I mean as in while I’m in studio creating anything (from building to what I’m doing now) it would be brilliant if there was a feature to zoom in on small details while creating so that placement, scaling & rotation of elements are more accurate.
I assume you thought I meant creating a system like this while playing? If so, sorry about that…

Ah yes I misunderstood you. Maybe I’ll try to make a plugin based on this, I’m pretty good at plugin development.

Edit: as far as I knowm there is no built-in way


That would actually be awesome if you could do that! In the case you do, please keep me updated! I’d love to use it!