Is there any way to get a picture of a shirt as shown in the catalog from the website?

There are two shirt icons per shirt, but I can only get the template of the shirt and not the picture of the shirt displaying on the gray character. I have seen other games with the catalog picture of a shirt in their GUIs, but I cannot seem to find it via the website link. I can probably create viewport for each shirt display but that is not efficient since I’m going to be displaying a few hundred shirts.

Do I really have to take a custom picture for every shirt I want to display from the catalog?

I want this:

NOT this.


Try putting a link like in the Image property but with your shirts id instead of the 0s. Can do this for a picture of any asset.


[Closed] Thank you for reading.


Feed your asset into an rbxthumb ContentId format then try either Asset or Outfit. Roblox will do the rest of the heavy lifting for you by formatting the image appropriately, resolving the link into an image and downloading it.


Thank you all! I figured it out.