Obtaining Hat IDs from the HumanoidDescription

Working upon a passion project recently, I managed to implement a feature which allowed the loading of the ‘Accessory’ thumbnail from the ID provided to the server - and then given back to the client.
However, this method only works when the hat ID is specifically sent to the client, and loaded in using the Thumbnail Content ID - not when the player joins, and the accessories have already loaded in.

I’m aware that you cannot receive the Accessory ID from the loaded accessories themselves - so I went about researching if you could take the IDs from the Humanoid Description.
After some trial and error, I realised you could load the Humanoid Description’s multiple IDs as a print function (Except now I’ve forgotten it :cry:) and was wondering if you could cycle the asset -accessory- IDs.


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^^ The ID is what we’re trying to achieve here.

This is what I have achieved via recieving the IDs themselves - yet I’d find it preferable to recieve the Player’s hat thumbnails also!
If there’s no way to do this, please inform me! :happy2:

TL;DR Is this possible or not?

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You mean like a non-CoreScript-only version of this:?

Here’s a URL example, but using it in-game may be challenging:

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Along those lines, yes.

The issue I’m trying to solve is the possibility of obtaining the Hat ID’s from the player themselves - from the humanoid description as there is no other way of obtaining the accessory IDs.
I actually used that URL while attempting to load the thumbnails - however - it doesn’t work with the MeshID, and there’s no other way to receive the hat which I personally know of -

Hence my query on this topic!

It appeared you had figured that out–You can look at the HumanoidDescription.HatAccessory
(It can have multiple; comma-separated.)

Yes, getting AssetIds from the Character is a problem, but from HumanoidDescription should be fine.

You also don’t even need the Player in the game, you can use:

You also may want to look at this:

By accessing the HumanoidDescription Hats I can find all the accessories, yay! :happy1:
Final Result!!!

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