Is there currently a way to "bump" a post?

I find that there are often posts in categories such as #platform-feedback that I would like to stay prevalent, but some of them are months, if not years old. So I was wondering if I could “bump” it in some way to make it more visible instead of staying at the bottom of categories.

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A post for the sole purpose of bumping a post isn’t really allowed; from the Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum:

Ensure every reply is meaningful, contributive, and on-topic. Do not re-post what others have already said, do not post memes or single-word posts such as “First!” or “bump”, and put effort into your posts. Use the Like button instead of replying “Thanks!”. When replying to multiple posts, reply to all of them within one post instead of making an individual post for each response.
Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum


“Bumping” technically isn’t allowed; but if you feel like a post needs to be engaged with, I’d recommend sharing it on the discord servers.

This doesn’t break any rules, but still allows you to share the post and get some new feedback.


These are the kind of posts you should avoid on old threads, they would qualify as bump posts:

I really need this.

This is still happening.

Bump, this would be really useful.

Why isn’t this solved yet? Support.

UPDATE: this is still open! (after only a few hours/days of the first post)

(quote here) This. I approve.

Thank you!

They do not add relevant information to the thread. They are annoying to read for other posters/readers and it bumps the thread back up to the top of Latest for no one’s benefit.

These are not bump posts:

I want to bring this bug report up again because it is still harming my work. I need to do X currently because of Y. This bug really needs to be addressed because Z.

Having this feature would really help my development work because of X.

Update: I added additional information to the first post, and there are still 2 open positions!

(The next one only if it is a collaboration thread that is about to be auto-locked, to signify it is still open:)

We still have some open positions available for X and Y!

Other situations where posting is fine even if the thread is old:

  • Asking a question on a tutorial / community resource thread that hasn’t been previously asked + answered.
  • Bumping an old feature request responding to an engineer mentioning that the feature would be released soon™, provided no one else has asked this recently.
  • Bumping an old, solved bug report to let engineering know that it has resurfaced.
  • Replying to a post in a discussion thread with significant new information/questions that contribute to that discussion. (Not just “How so? I disagree.” or “Yes, I approve of this” but actually explaining your full viewpoint and what you disagree/agree with).

Please be specifically careful about how you respond to old announcement threads. For discussion on old announcements, it may be better to find/create a different thread instead if you feel that your comment would not warrant bringing the whole thread back up again.


It was a thread on something about being able to change a user’s rank using a Roblox api instead of having to use some external server. So could I reply with something along the lines of,

“Adding something like this to the Roblox engine would be greatly beneficial to me as I have been trying to figure out a way to automatically rank people within my group but have found no success as it is a somewhat complicated task to do and I currently do not know much about this.”

Yeah, that seems good.

Just a tip for what you are trying to do at the moment: there may be several posts about in-game group API since staff did not enforce the no-duplicates rule as strictly some years ago (before there were Community Sages). Make sure you are picking the most recent / most liked of these threads to put this post on.