Is there some type of GlobalStorage within a universe?


This may be the wrong category for this post, but I could not find a more fitting one so I will post it here.

Does Roblox offer any type of global storage or anything so you can use modules and models in all places within a universe? I am trying to make weapons that transfer from the main place to the secondary place, but as I will frequently be adding new weapons and changing stats I don’t want to always copy the model folder over.

If not, would insertservice be the best possible solution for this problem? Saving all weapons to a model in my profile, then inserting them to the game.

Thank you!

If you look under game explorer you should see packages I’m not sure if this is what your looking for.

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To add on with the release announcement for Packages: Packages Beta Release!

Perfect, another awesome tool I didn’t know the platform offered. Thank you!