Is this a Roblox Engine Error?

What does this even mean? I just released my game and it’s lagging like hell and this just pops up, we can’t do anything except move and jump. Not even reset, talk, etc!

I have never seen this type of thing ever in my entire life happening to me, whoever is playing the game is just complaining, thank god we didn’t sponsor the game yet! Any suggestions or help with what’s going on and how to fix this thing? You can try the game yourself here, it takes a few minutes to load,

and then we just glitch! Slay 🔪 [MOVED] - Roblox

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These are infinite yields, meaning that there is a script that used :WaitForChild and has been waiting for 5 seconds. In your case, this is a ROBLOX script (Core script), not yours. I do not believe this is the problem.

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That means we cannot do anything at all right? But this was not happening earlier, why now at the time of the release? It never happened when we were testing the game earlier… What can we do to avoid this thing? This is literally so annoying!

This is caused when the player is loading very slow, I don’t think you can do anything about this.

But we do not really have any assets that are causing to lag, we just changed like a little things before release and did not add anything that makes the player lag, this is just happening all of a sudden at the time of release, if this is a Roblox bug then do you know how I can report to Roblox about this so this can be fixed?

This is not a Roblox bug, it is just a CoreScript that is using :WaitForChild. If the client’s Roblox application is freezing or is having a relatively low FPS, this will cause the problem.

You may also check your script and see if they are lagging. I am not sure how.

This was an issue I’ve had previously. Please see my post for an explanation of it and how to fix it. This occurs when loading times are too long for ROBLOX’s CoreGui WaitForChild calls. Added onto that, please search the forums for keywords that could’ve found your issue like this before posting.

Thank you!

I see, but I already tried what the Solution said and we’re still getting this problem. All of our maps and other “heavy things” are already stored in ServerStorage. Any other suggestions will be appreciated! :heart:

Maps are not necessarily the cause of the infinite yields as the workspace and its descendants loads at a later time than the Roblox core scripts. If you have a script/s in Replicated First, this may be one of the causes and you should look into it.

Otherwise, if you have no scripts in your game, this won’t be an easy issue to fix and you will have to somehow identify the root of the cause.

The micro profiler should be able to help you identify the issue.

I have no scripts at all in ReplicatedStorage or ReplicatedFirst… I checked the microprofile and it only detected lag when we loaded in the map. Lag levels were normal when loading in.

Just tested it and its working smooth on computer with adsl internet (btw cool game :D) .
However my team got a similar problem 2-3 weeks ago. In our case it was a model welded to the player and a wrong order for the Part0 and Part1 weld, causing the character to be anchored mid-air.

I joined and was able to play smoothly with no issues other than a decent bit of fps lag due to high triangles. Can you describe exactly what’s happening in your screenshot? Are you floating in midair? Does your character do the freefall animation? Do you know where on the map you are? You may want to enable streaming if your code is compatible.

P.s. I love the game! It reminds me a lot of an escape room. I managed to get through my first round and it seems pretty neat so far, and your playability is great even with only a few people.

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Thank you a lot for the kind words! I’m glad you liked it, but well, first of all, the game takes a lot of time to load and some people just quit the game while it’s loading, not all though… Secondly, if you just press F9 in the game and check your client errors, you’ll see all the errors. For some time, you cannot even chat or do anything at all except walk around and jump. It happens when a server starts, if you joined a server after it’s running for some time then the chances of the bug occuring is very less, otherwise, you can see this:

Well those aren’t errors those are just infinite yield warnings which basically just means the game is loading slow in general, it doesn’t mean that any CoreScripts broke (unless the stuff they’re waiting fore genuinely doesn’t load but I’ve never seen this). The “Infinite yield possible” messages display when the instance they’re waiting for hasn’t loaded in 5 seconds but it doesn’t mean that the instance didn’t load after.

I seemed to load fine with no trouble. The chat will always load late compared to most other things due to it not being part of the CoreGUI (which generally loads first). StreamingEnabled can help with load times quite a bit if you have a large number of parts but it depends if your code is compatible.

The reason you may be loading slow could be due to several reasons:

  1. Expensive client code slowing down the game when it first starts
  2. Expensive server code delaying/slowing replication
  3. Too many objects/parts or too complex models loading (StreamingEnabled helps a lot)
  4. Slow connections to the server or not enough bandwidth

StreamingEnabled can cause problems if your client-side code uses any moveable objects in the workspace (that were created on the server) without waiting for them to load.

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