Is this game worth advertising in the future?

I made a four corners game and the other day i posted it on cool creations. A lot of people said they had enjoyed it and they gave me feedback so I am still working on it such as adding an intermission and shop gui. is my game worth the time or should I start a new project? My game already has 3 dislikes and 4 likes, and that doesn’t really seem good.



Dislikes should not discourage you when your game is in development. In fact, It should ENCOURAGE you to develop more to fix the issues that cause those dislikes.

If you enjoy the project, continue it. Its your choice.


The thing is, I don’t know where the dislikes came from, and people don’t really give me criticism so I don’t know if there are any existing bugs or whatever that made their gameplay bad. I guess dislikes are inevitable :man_shrugging:

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Some people just dislike for no reason other than they don’t like it, which is okay, because its still in early testing. I recommend having a whitelist for people who can play the game (like friends or testers) so if someone has an unpleasant experience they will tell you why and give recommendations on what to change.


I checked out your game so I could give some criticism.

First thing, the UI isn’t that good on other devices. You can use this plugin to convert the UI to scale, which means it will display the same on all devices.

Next, there is no competition in the game. Maybe have different rounds where one person gets picked as the “Chooser” and picks what corner dies?
You should also provide some currency to people who win or survive a round, as well as having some kind of indication on what corner is chosen.

Overall, its pretty decent for a beginner.


The leaderboard doesn’t work. I died but it’s still at 0.

Ah, thank you, I used the script as a way of choosing plates as there were only 4 corners games with IT being chosen. I am working on adding an intermission, I really do appreciate your feedback.

Yeah I haven’t done where it gives the value yet when you died, i will fix that shortly, i appreciate your reply.