Is this TextBox.PlaceholderText's expected behavior?

In studio, if I set a TextBox’s PlaceholderText to any string, that string is reset on runtime

TextBox in edit mode:


TextBox during Play Test:


Note that if I set PlaceholderText during runtime, it seems to work correctly. It also seems that if I set the TextBox’s PlaceholderColor3 to something different in studio, that also returns to it’s default Color3 at runtime.

Seems like a bug. Report it as described here (15.1) and we can post a bug report for it.


A lot of people have been reporting this since November, most people have said that it’s not enabled yet but at this point it’s really just a bug. You can use a script to set the PlaceholderText when the game’s running and it’ll work.


It’s because PlaceholderText is configured as a property which doesn’t replicate or serialize, which I view as a bug.


I read somewhere before, that it isn’t implemented in server sided yet and is only shown in studio.

The fix for this shipped a while ago, there shouldn’t be any more issues with this property.

This is not true.

That’s what it was back in February. I tried it in my game when I saw it, then when I went online to look for it and it said it was implemented in actual games at the time.