Is work on Roblox automatically copyrighted?

Hi developers! I wasn’t quite sure where to put this, so please tell me if it’s in the wrong topic.

In the United Kingdom, you automatically receive copyright protection for the following creations:

  • original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work, including illustration and photography
  • original non-literary written work, such as software, web content and databases
  • sound and music recordings
  • film and television recordings
  • broadcasts
  • the layout of published editions of written, dramatic and musical works

The point I’m interested in is the “original non-literary written work”. If I made a game on Roblox Studio, would I be able to use the © logo, and would any sort of copying of the work be considered illegal? Or, does Roblox’s Terms of Service underline all games under the Creative Commons act where anyone is allowed to publicly share, use, and reupload your work?

This is the same with groups. I have seen many Hotel and Cafe groups that usually have something along the lines of “© Copyright (group name/username here) 2020”. The only issue I see with this is that there are different rules in place for different countries.

For more information on the UK Copyright laws, you can look here: How copyright protects your work: Overview - GOV.UK

I’m not the best when it comes down to legal stuff, so any clarity would be greatly appreciated.


Just thought id point it its impossible to copyright a name, anyone putting something like this doesn’t know what they are talking about.

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I understand that, but I think when people do it they refer to all games created under their group.

If they wanted to copyright a game idea then they would have to get a patent, and given getting patents on a game idea is very vague / hard to do its virtually impossible for someone to say ‘Hey I made a tower defence game, now you cant!’

The most someone may be able to do is patent a very specific aspect of the game design to stop it from being copied, but copyrighting the entire idea for a game is not possible.

I am referring more to the game content, rather than the idea. There’s software that can take a Roblox game’s content and reupload it (excluding local scripts), and I wonder if the game content is under the copyright act.

Well, first keep in mind that Roblox is a company in the U.S, so follow the copyright rule for the U.S. And, no, I don’t think your work on Roblox is automatically copyright protected, and those groups, chances are don’t have any sort of copyright, especially with groups who have used real life business names such as, “Burger King©”, or “Subway©”, as they’re just making a copyright infringement against their supposed “Copyright” that people these days on Roblox have on their games.

Remember, these are just my thoughts, any facts that are misleading or are incorrect, please feel free to reply with the correct answer! And, I also think this may be the wrong category! (Again, please correct me if I’m wrong!)

It wouldn’t be legally held under copyright, and roblox won’t tend to take action since its virtually impossible to prove its a copy and not an incredibly realistic remake, So no, the game content isn’t covered by the copyright act since its virtually impossible to prove it was stolen instead of replicated.

For example, if I spawned in a part, I cant say ‘This part is mine now, anyone else with this part with the same properties in their game is infringing copyright’ An extreme example but gives an easy view on why its an annoying issue

Keep in mind im not a lawyer, this is just as much as I know from what ive seen.

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I just looked it up and it is the same with US law. Creative work is automatically protected, although I do not know all the details. Most large groups have some sort of copyright text in their description, which can be misleading as it might be a way to scare off others rather than a legitimate statement. I can’t access Discussion so I have no clue where else to place it.
Roblox is a private company so it might all fall under their Terms, but from what I have read on this subject of creating games inside games, everything it very cloudy and misleading.

I agree, as the only thing to relate with Roblox is the players who make the copyright infringement. Ex. The Subway© situation a while back with the group with over 100k members got taken down by a lawyer due to copyright infringement with the real life business. (Again, please correct me if anything is wrong or misleading in this reply!)

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I think they mean as if nobody can plagiarize someone else’s work in the U.S, and UK. Also, meaning that people can hold someone else against plagiarizing their work, aka, somewhat like copyright. (Correct me if something in this reply is wrong or misleading!) Also, happy cakeday!

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But then it moves onto the next point. I believe in America it is a illegal to falsely copyright something that cannot be copyrighted, and although rare, can face prosecution. In this case then shouldn’t all these Roblox groups be prosecuted/punished?

Thank you for the cakeday wishes by the way! :slight_smile:

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Certain groups are owned by registered companies, most of which are LLC.’s.

The IP that they make is copyrighted under the company, since they have contracts.

This does not apply to just any group tho. Unless the group is a registered company and who’s developer have legal binding contracts, the © (group name) is considered fake.

From my understanding, you can say © (username) safely, because it is your IP. Unless the group is a real company, the copyright is invalid. (Meaning the IP is copyright to the developers that created it.)

This is because a ROBLOX group is just a made up organization, while a specific user is a real person.

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From what I know, when you upload a game to Roblox it becomes a Roblox property, meaning that they can use your game for any purprose, included economical ones.
So it’s impossible to copyright a game on Roblox, since the game itself is a Roblox property and not your property (I might be wrong).

If you want to have a better understanding of your rights and the Roblox rights on your work the following link has everything you need to know:


Here is a post about Intellectual property that says that you own the IP, but grant Roblox a license to use it by using the platform.

You should read the ToU if you’re going to link it… It’s still your’s, you just grant Roblox a license to do whatever they want with it:

(UGC is previously defined to include games.)


Alright, I’ve misunderstood. Sorry :sweat_smile:

I am wondering if this works for logos. I have had logos stolen from me with no credit to me. I have not received anything for the stolen artwork. Would I be able to do anything to receive compensation or get ownership over my artwork?

See my screenshots above.

“Content Services” means all types of content, including games (and all characters, assets, […]

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Ok thanks! This will really help me!

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Roblox is based in the USA so anything violating your IP on the platform will follow US codes for Copyright.