Island based Procedural Terrain Generation

What i want to achieve

I want to make procedural terrain generation like the game Eclipsis. The Big islands in the middle and the small islands around it. I also want the well pumps and the spires (towers).

Every island needs atleast one Support and well pump. While the small islands with one well pump.

What i have tried

I’ve tried using Perlin noise and only spawn stuff when the noise is higher than a certain number. It didn’t get the shape i wanted and it is cut-off at the edges



local seed = math.random(1000)

local size = 100
local divide = 10
local scale = 10

local function createTerrain(x, height, z)
	for y = 0, -height, -1 do
		local p ="Part")
		p.Size =, scale, scale)
		p.Anchored = true
		p.Position =, y * scale, z)
		p.Parent = workspace

for x = 1, size do
	for z = 1, size do
		local nX = x / divide
		local nZ = z / divide
		local noise2 = math.floor(math.noise(seed, nX, nZ) * 10)
		if noise2 >= 2 then
			createTerrain(x * scale, noise2, z * scale)

Note: i’m not expecting full script answers, only ideas on how to do it

Its been 1 day with still no answer, can anyone help me?

I’ve spent some days learning about perlin noise in the past, and I had the same problems, the generator was doing it well but the edges cut off. I wasn’t able to fix it, but I saw someone speaking about a way of fixing them, maybe it could help you.

Basically, he said that you could add a density value to restrict the y, x and z axis by mixing the different axis and some noise values… I would try to find the comment.

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I would keep the positions for the starter islands constant so you don’t have to do extra math before placing them every time.

Also you’re probably gonna be better off not copying the mapgen exactly since the starter islands are a specific feature of eclipsis.

I made this based off of the eclipsis map. It uses a single perlin noise layer for both deciding whether there should be a block or not and deciding if the top block on a specific coordinate block should be normal/hollow/well pump.

The portion that creates the block also creates 3 blocks (the amount of layers) under it instead of just 1, with each block’s type (normal/hollow/well pump) being decided based on the type of the block on top of it.

That way, I can have custom logic for each block type. For example, if a top block at a specific coordinate is selected to be a well pump, it will automatically make the blocks under it a well pump as well. If the top block is a normal block, there’s a chance for the lower ones to be a hollow block. If all of them get selected to be a normal block, instead of creating three blocks of the same type, it creates 1 block the size of all 3 blocks.

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